Girlfriend Collective Topanga Bra Saddle
Girlfriend Collective Topanga Bra Saddle
Girlfriend Collective Topanga Bra Saddle

Topanga Bra Saddle

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Available Sizes: XS , S , M , L

Sustainable Values

This product contains recycled polyester which is created by melting down post-industrial or post-consumer plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber. Buying this product helps to repurpose existing plastic that would otherwise end up in the landfill or the ocean

SA8000 ensures the highest quality of social compliance in the brand's supply chains, going beyond simple standards in ethical labor. Among the wight performance criteria it covers health and safety, freedom, working hours and remuneration of workers.

All of Girlfriend Collective's textiles are made from recycled materials in their facility in Taiwan that specializes in eco-friendly and high-quality textiles, then cut-and-sewn in one of their partner facilities carefully chosen for their values and ethics. Their core factory is a magical place in Hanoi, Vietnam, that's SA8000 certified, guarantees fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and zero forced or child labor

Girlfriend Collective
Girlfriend Collective
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