Renoon is a leading app for sustainability and fashion. We connect you with the multitude of brands and platforms to simplify and enrich the experience of combining style with sustainability values.

A digital window, destination and community already guiding thousands of members in their sustainability journey.

Renoon is not yet another shop; it’s an entire universe of values, untold stories about sustainability and a cohesive place where intentions become reality.


Renoon empowers the universal player within each of us to join and protect the Planet with a click.

We believe the protection of our environment and life on Earth is everyone’s responsibility; the work of smaller groups of scientists and innovators needs a collective and distributed network of people fueling the transformation.

We believe innovation cannot sustain its own because modern times need speedier adoption.

We believe that tools to date are not enough.

That’s why we have built Renoon. But most importantly each and every one of the members is building a new Universe together.

How it works

Renoon is your smartest tool in finding sustainable options from multiple websites at once. We combine the offering of products and brands directly from their websites or other multi-brand destinations; our goal is to ensure you can find the largest availability of sustainable options than any other website on this planet and access fashion in new personalised ways. Pre-owned, re-worked and rental are all part of Renoon.

The finest technology is used to extract information from multiple sources and sustainability is processed deep into the product level. Once you have discovered and curated your items, Renoon redirects you to the best website where you can finalize your purchase. Discover more on our Revenue Disclosure

Renoon is your smart, functional, trustworthy resource and much more. It’s a universe of collective ambition in sustainable fashion.

How we select products and brands

Renoon brings you the highest standards in sustainability. Our framework, developed with the help of the best experts in the field, is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and fashion industry highest resources disclosed below:

The biggest innovation in sustainable fashion to date: Renoon is the first sustainability tool that processes attributes of responsibility at the product level.

You can find transparently in which areas of sustainability brands are focusing on but only see those products that meet the standards of our framework.

Personalized according to your values: you can truly create your universe with topics that you care about and brands that you discover & love.

The most important companies in sustainability are on our side. We partner with the best material brands, organizations and certifications in the field.

Among our partners

we are spinDyeReVerSo

We aRe SpinDye® offers the most sustainable polyester yarns and fabrics in the fashion and apparel industry.
The easy accessible coloring process is certified and fully transparent, it delivers fabrics with excellent color performance and a long-term awesomeness.

Re-Verso is an innovative, sustainable and circular supply chain for high quality regenerated wool and cashmere. 100% Made in Italy from premium partner that all together they create an integrated, transparent, circular, certified and traceable fashion system.

The Company

Renoon is managed by an Amsterdam based group building smart tools with the ambition of a unified and responsible fashion universe.

In less than a year from starting the company, the team has been internationally recognized by WWD, FashionUnited, Vogue Business, DutchNews etc. and is among the 70 top change makers in Europe for 2020 according to Sifted from Financial Times.


Renoon works in positive feedback loops to make our tech and tools better every day. What other information or feature would you like to see?

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