About Renoon

Search Thousands of Sustainable Options in One Place.

Our mission is to make sure you can combine your love for Fashion and Planet by helping you find options that best fit your style and contribute to positive changes you want to see in the world.

Renoon is your search platform for conscious shopping.  

Say goodbye to dozens of tabs in your browser and let our technology do the heavy lifting. Renoon is constantly researching and curating an even wider selection of pre-owned and new products that meet strict sustainability standards, adjusted for your preferences.

You can now focus on finding your style.

Discover new conscious brands, sustainable collections from labels you already know and love. Never miss the latest innovations in eco-friendly materials. It’s all on Renoon.

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How does Renoon work?

We are a technology company: we gather information from the web and we offer it to you.

After product info is gathered from hundreds of website, we filter it based on The Sustainability Framework.

We don’t sell you clothes. After you have found an item, Renoon redirects you to the best place to finalize the purchase. That’s why with Renoon you can always find what other websites might not have in stock anymore, at the most convenient price and location for you.

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We are a young and Amsterdam-based company building Renoon from the ground up and already being recognized on important magazines like WWD, Vogue Business, FashionUnited, DutchNews, etc.

If you have any questions or comments email us at: info@renoon.com


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