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By renoon

New on Renoon: LVRSustainable by LuisaViaRoma

Renoon is proud to announce a partnership with one of our most loved and like‑minded platforms: LVRSustainable. 

By Jennifer Dobrowolski

This is How You Buy Clothes that Stand the Test of Time

It’s that time of year again. As you pull out your summer clothes and start to organize your closet, you may have accumulated a large “donate pile”.  While you may have removed the ghosts of fashion trends past that no longer fit with your style or “spark joy” if you follow the Marie Condo method […]

By Elena Picci

The 3 Least Sustainable Items in Your Wardrobe

Did you have nightmares as a child to have monsters in your closet? What if they were there all this time but you couldn’t recognize them?
Some pieces of our wardrobe are terrible for our health and the environment.
Let’s see together the 3 worst monsters that were hidden inside all this time.

By Jennifer Dobrowolski

Here is where to find Sustainable Swimwear made from ECONYL 

Finding sustainable swimwear might be challenging. Get multiple stores and brands’ availability in one place on Renoon. Read also what to look into when searching for more eco-friendly options made with recycled materials. What does it really mean to shop for sustainable bikinis this summer 2020?

By Elena Picci

This is why ethical fashion is important

In honour of the World Fair Trade Day, which is celebrated on the 9th of April, we would like to draw your attention to the possibility of a better world for the workers behind our clothes. What if it was possible to buy clothes without putting at risks the workers who made them?

By Elena Picci

How to Know Which Sustainable Certifications to Go For?

There are so many sustainable certifications out there. Plenty of choices just as when you shop for groceries. Do you do the same when you buy clothes?

By Jennifer Dobrowolski

This is How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Steps

First things first: what is a capsule wardrobe? The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to select 30-40 well-fitting items you will wear all season (including accessories). It’s not about how many items are in your closet, but rather being thoughtful about how they all work together cohesively. So, how will you build your capsule wardrobe for spring?

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