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By Elena Picci

Now trending: Repair your clothes

How long do you love your clothes? Would clothes that will never end up in landfill be the solution we have all been waiteing for? We were getting used to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renoon. Meet their brother: Repair. This is how you will adopt a repairing lifestyle.

By Elena Picci

This is how Made in Italy can fit into sustainability

Most fashion designer and brands are from Italy. However, Did this label remain prestigious after all these years? What does it mean nowadays the famous ‘Made in Italy’’? Is it the same than our sustainable value ‘’locally made’’?

By renoon

New on Renoon: LVRSustainable by LuisaViaRoma

Renoon is proud to announce a partnership with one of our most loved and like‑minded platforms: LVRSustainable. 

By Jennifer Dobrowolski

The Digital Party is Here: How Technology is Making Fashion More Sustainable

Let’s get digital! From working, shopping and socializing online, technology is definitely enhancing our lives. But what can we do more with it to make everything around us better? Be careful because this is a very detailed post: from blockchain to big data, join the digital party.

By Biyya Mansoer

These 7 benefits are making everyone go for second hand fashion

So you love switching up your wardrobe. You love doing that without spending a fortune, too. Oh and you also want to be more sustainable. These are 7 reasons why we see so many conscious shoppers buying pre-owned fashion. If you haven’t tried yet, you might want to read more.

By Elena Picci

Clothes made from Milk Waste? No milky way!

Have you ever imagined milk could be used to make a t-shirt?
You might fall in love with this new textile which is so cheesey!

By Elena Picci

Which sustainable celebrity are you?

Fun Quiz to discover which celebrity shares the same sustainable values as you do! Are you a Meghan Markle or…well, we won’t be spoiling you the quiz!

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