Sustainability Alerts

All You Need To Know

By Anastasia Ovchinnikova

Here is where to buy the Veja and Rick Owens sustainable trainers

No more Veja’s on the website? No surprise there, these trainers are selling out before the news are out!
Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Let’s see together where to find and shop from the best sustainable effort from Veja’s runners!

By Jennifer Dobrowolski

More brands are becoming B-Corp certified: let’s dig deeper

Interest in the certification has spiked in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as brands are accused of not #PayingUp suppliers. By 2020, you may have thought that sweatshop labor in fashion would be a thing of the past. But that is not the case. How do we at Renoon ensure some brands have the ethical labor practices they claim?

By Biyya Mansoer

What’s #Second Hand September? No new clothes for 30 days?!

#SecondhandSeptember is a campaign started by Oxfam to encourage people to avoid buying clothing for the entire 30 days this month. Here are some ways you can participate!

By Biyya Mansoer

What you need to know about clothing supply chains

The past few decades have seen major structural changes in clothing supply chains; which have become increasingly globalized and complex. Not to worry! We are here to break down the components of the clothing supply chain into simpler steps.

By Elena Picci

Where to buy Pangaia’s sustainable must-have outfit?

Oh no Pangaia is sold out on its official website? Don’t worry, We got your back! Let’s see together where to find and shop the sustainable must-have outfit of the year.

By Biyya Mansoer

Eco-packaging: what are the options?

While we can get excited over the box, bag, or wrapper that our items come in, single-use packaging is a major contributor to the waste crisis today. Fortunately, there have been innovations of eco-friendly alternatives to single-use packaging. What is eco packaging and what are the options out there?

By Elena Picci

Everything you need to know about Linen and Organic Linen

Being a natural material, we tend to assume this material is sustainable.
But is it really? What should we look for when shopping for Linen clothes?

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