Sustainability Alerts

All You Need To Know

By Biyya Mansoer

Use your sustainable values as a fashion statement

Fashion is a powerful form of self-expression. How can we communicate our sustainable values through the clothing we wear? Here’s how your fashion choices can make a contribution to a greater sustainable future.

By Biyya Mansoer

These 7 benefits are making everyone go for second hand fashion

So you love switching up your wardrobe. You love doing that without spending a fortune, too. Oh and you also want to be more sustainable. These are 7 reasons why we see so many conscious shoppers buying pre-owned fashion. If you haven’t tried yet, you might want to read more.

By Elena Picci

Clothes made from Milk Waste? No milky way!

Have you ever imagined milk could be used to make a t-shirt?
You might fall in love with this new textile which is so cheesey!

By Elena Picci

Which sustainable celebrity are you?

Fun Quiz to discover which celebrity shares the same sustainable values as you do! Are you a Meghan Markle or…well, we won’t be spoiling you the quiz!

By Jennifer Dobrowolski

This is How to Start Your Sustainable Fashion Journey

After wearing exclusively sweatpants and hoodies for the past few months, you may be questioning whether you really need all of the stuff in your closet after all. Having a sustainable wardrobe sounds intriguing, but how do you actually start? How can you move beyond the trendiness of sustainable fashion and integrate it into your lifestyle?

By Elena Picci

Here’s what’s happening to Reformation

Since Saturday 6th June, Diet Prada’s instagram post on Reformation using sustainability as a facade has been traveling all over the platform. Here’s what’s happening.

By Elena Picci

How much can you reduce your Carbon Emissions by switching to Sustainable Basics?

Did you know that the Fashion Industry emits more CO2 than flights and maritime shipping combined? What if we could reduce it by simply switching to sustainable basics such as socks, t-shirt and panties?

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