Céu Label Ceu Label Maresia Top Bikini
Céu Label Ceu Label Maresia Top Bikini
Céu Label Ceu Label Maresia Top Bikini
Céu Label Ceu Label Maresia Top Bikini

Ceu Label Maresia Top Bikini

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Available Sizes: M , S , L

Sustainable Values

This product contains recycled polyamide, a material sourced from the post-manufacturing industry, or various post-consumer products such as old fishing nets and carpets, and other waste. This product helps give waste a new life with its recyling process. This material is infinitely recyclable, meaning its quality and composition is never degraded as it goes through recycling processes

This product contains recycled polyester which is created by melting down post-industrial or post-consumer plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber. Buying this product helps to repurpose existing plastic that would otherwise end up in the landfill or the ocean

This product contains ECONYL®, a material made with discarded nylon found in oceans and other waste destined to become trash, which are recycled into something new

Since the beginning, Céu Label's commitment to work closely with their partners has been crucial. For the sewing, they collaborate with a talented small artisan group from Barcelona. In this way, they ensure that they have control over paying fair wages and treating everyone as they deserve

All of Céu Label pieces are handmade by local artisans in Barcelona

ECONYL®, the material used to create this item, allows you to have a product that is not using virgin materials; this innovation makes it a material of the future

ECONYL®, the material this item is made of, is circular and closes loops as it can be re-looped and re-used for new creations infinite times. Bare in mind to keep microplastics from being released, you can wash this item with a protective bag!