Unrecorded. Shirt No2 Tencel Black
Unrecorded. Shirt No2 Tencel Black
Unrecorded. Shirt No2 Tencel Black

Shirt No2 Tencel Black

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Available Sizes: M , L , XL

Sustainable Values

This product is made with TENCEL™ branded lyocell that is mainly manufactured from beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries

The fabric this product is made with is produced using an environmentally responsible closed loop production process, meaning its solvent has a recovery rate of more than 99%, so no chemical or organic waste is produced in the process. This means not much water is required, because it is reused continuously in its process

Unrecorded collections are made in Europe, mainly in Portugal by manufacturers with high ethical standards. All the manufacturers are visited by the Unrecorded team on a regular basis

Unrecorded collections are all produced in Portugal by a selection of ethical manufacturers. The company has a close relationship with every manufacturer and they are publicly disclosed on Unrecorded website