Rebello Long coat in recycled cashmere | Re-Bello
Rebello Long coat in recycled cashmere | Re-Bello
Rebello Long coat in recycled cashmere | Re-Bello
Rebello Long coat in recycled cashmere | Re-Bello

Long coat in recycled cashmere | Re-Bello

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Available Sizes: XS , S , M , L

Sustainable Values

This product contains recycled cashmere which is made from either post-industrial or post-consumer cashmere. Post-industrial waste comes from waste that is leftover from manufacturing industries. Post consumer waste is material discarded after someone uses it. Both take no additional resources or energy to create, because they already exist! This gives waste a new purpose, recycling material, and contributing to circular fashion

This product contains Re-Verso™, which is made from recovered wool and cashmere textile waste either left by local customers in the textile's partnered brands’ stores or waste material collected from factories. Buying this product reuses and recycles existing discarded material

Rebello is produced entirely in Europe, having factories in Italy (the brands home country), Greece, and Turkey

Because this product is made from recycled cashmere, it offers only cashmere from post consumer or post industrial goods, with no new animal input

This product is an innovative silk-like fabric that gives cotton scraps leftover from the cotton industry a new life, and in doing so, it saves resources and energy. When you choose fabrics like Cupro, you are totally taking part in the advancement of technologies for innovative materials like it

Because this product is made with Re-Verso™, it can be recycled again and again, creating a new Re-Verso™ based clothing and contributing to circular fashion. It is also a bio-based material, making it biodegradable, so it can fully decompose when it has grown too old to be recycled again

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