Organic Basics Invisible Cheeky Thong 4-pack

Invisible Cheeky Thong 4-pack

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Sustainable Values

Global recycled standard has tracked and verified the content of recycled materials in this product. With this you are supporting a circular economy that reduces waste by transforming it into new products. Note that this GRS certification verifies 20% of recycled content, but Renoon's framework requests at least 70%, so not all items with this certifications are accepted and shown to you

This item is made with organic cotton, which is a responsible alternative that unlike conventional cotton it is grown in pesticide-free environments, with sustainability in mind. Farmers, communities and nature do not have to expose themselves to harmful chemicals

This product contains recycled nylon, which is mostly made from post-industrial fabric waste, although it also comes from post-consumer materials such as nylon carpets, tights, and industrial fishing nets. Recycled nylon offers a great solution to save plastic material from the oceans. The material is also endlessly recyclable, so when it has retired from use, it can be made into a new recycled nylon product

Because this product is made up of recycled content, it inevitably saves emissions compared to that of virgin nylon

Because this product is made up of recycled content, it inevitably saves water compared to that of virgin nylon, benefitting the Earth by saving resources

The GRS has certified that this product has met social criteria needed to verify its production's responsible practices. The social criteria of the standard require organizational policies that prohibit forced, bonded, indentured, prison or child labor, discrimination, harassment and abuse of workers; protect freedom of association and provides recognition of the right to collective bargaining, health and safety of workers, as well as wages, benefits and terms of employment that meet or exceed legal minimums working hours that comply with national laws, benchmark industry standards or relevant international standards

Organic Basisics works with with trusted, certified factory partners in Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Austria, and Scotland

Organic Basics's products are PETA Approved vegan friendly - except for the SilverTech™ Active socks - made from recycled wool and their Recycled Cashmere accessories

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