Mud Jeans Redunn Chino - Olive
Mud Jeans Redunn Chino - Olive
Mud Jeans Redunn Chino - Olive
Mud Jeans Redunn Chino - Olive

Redunn Chino - Olive

130at Mud Jeans
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Available Sizes: W28 L32 , W28 L34 , W29 L32 , W29 L34 , W30 L32 , W30 L34 , W31 L32 , W31 L34 , W32 L32 , W32 L34 , W33 L32 , W33 L34 , W34 L32 , W34 L34 , W36 L32 , W36 L34

Sustainable Values

This product contains recycled cotton, which is re-purposed, using post-industrial or post-consumer cotton that would otherwise become waste. Its materials's production process saves resources and energy to create, because their raw material already exists

This item is made with organic cotton, which is a responsible alternative that unlike conventional cotton it is grown in pesticide-free environments, with sustainability in mind. Farmers, communities and nature do not have to expose themselves to harmful chemicals

MUD Jeans consciously sources their goods in nearby factories. They are able to visit the factory frequently. And they have the same mindset as the factory owners; transparency – fair wages – good working conditions are at the top of their list

MUD Jeans are PETA approved Vegan

Mud Jeans manages to close their own loop, with their team of world-class experts in recycling. The brand's new jeans contain up to 40% post-consumer recycled denim. The highest percentage out there

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