L'Envers Fashion LÉA Cotton Tee
L'Envers Fashion LÉA Cotton Tee
L'Envers Fashion LÉA Cotton Tee
L'Envers Fashion LÉA Cotton Tee

LÉA Cotton Tee

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Available Sizes: XS , S , M , L , XL

Sustainable Values

L'envers was born initially as a knitwear brand but they have developed also woven collections since 2019. For these, they refused to have any material produced and source only upcycled fabrics from French Luxury houses. They also visit linen factories in Northern France to dig into their deadstock. For upcycled materials, L'Envers maintain a 0% synthetic fiber ethos

This item is made with organic cotton, which is a responsible alternative that unlike conventional cotton it is grown in pesticide-free environments, with sustainability in mind. Farmers, communities and nature do not have to expose themselves to harmful chemicals

They only work with suppliers that are within Europe or are strongly assessed by certifications (materials and people) such as GOTS. Regarding local providers, they know them all personally and do not negotiate prices with them in order to ensure the best living wage and not pressure them

L'Envers products are made in Spain 80% for the reason mentioned before. Only 20% of products are made in France for the unbelievable mohair quality there and where our hand-knitted pieces are done