HYER GOODS Luxe Traveler's Wallet
HYER GOODS Luxe Traveler's Wallet
HYER GOODS Luxe Traveler's Wallet
HYER GOODS Luxe Traveler's Wallet

Luxe Traveler's Wallet

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Available Sizes: Emerald Green Croc , Fuchsia , Burgundy Croco , Neon Orange , Zebra Hair Calf , Sage Green Croc , Forest Green Croc

Sustainable Values

Products are made from deadstock and waste leathers (1st generation leathers which have been removed during the selection process, and sourced mostly from tanneries and sometimes they use factory offcuts). Most of their wallets are made from cutting scraps. Occasionally they upcycle other materials like yarns leftover and abandoned by brands

This product contains recycled leather, which is made from leather obtained from left-over materials of various factories that would ordinarily go to waste. Buying this product gives discarded leather a new purpose, contributing to circular fashion, and helping to make the fashion industry better for our Earth

Hyer Goods come from ethical labor: the products are hand-crafted at a SEDEX-compliant, female-owned factory

Because this product is made with recycled leather, it offers only leather from post consumer or post industrial goods, with no new animal input

Available directly on their website, Hyer Good has created a peer-to-peer resale platform where customers can resell their gently-used Hyer Goods directly to their customers to help keep them in circulation