Copenhagen Cartel Unisex Wave Bio-Acetate Sunnies - Nero
Copenhagen Cartel Unisex Wave Bio-Acetate Sunnies - Nero
Copenhagen Cartel Unisex Wave Bio-Acetate Sunnies - Nero

Unisex Wave Bio-Acetate Sunnies - Nero

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Sustainable Values

Copenhagen Cartel promotes Ethical Labour by making sure all their suppliers are compliant with their own Code of Conduct, which includes labor and human rights policies on working conditions, health and safety, social dialogue, living wages and child/forced labour

Copenhagen Cartel is currently a vegan brand. As they state in their code of conduct, if they will ever include animal-derived fibers they will make sure the animals are healthy and fairly treated

This product contains an innovative acetate alternative with plasticizers that are entirely biodegradable and recyclable making the material account for circularity. When you choose materials like bio acetate, you are totally taking part in the advancement of technologies for innovative materials like it

Copenhagen Cartel is tackling Closing the loop from multiple sides: they provide an archive sales section on their website, they do not create deadstock (by keeping all inventory for sale) and their code of conduct requires their design team to consider circularity principles when creating new styles and choosing the materials mix. Additionally, they sell a 'Repurposed Collection' through their social media channel: it is a selection of accessories made by repurposing fabrics scratches and samples

Closing the loop: bio acetate, a responsible alternative for frames, makes them 100% biodegradable and recyclable, while maintaining their durability and high quality

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