Colorful Standard  Scarf Light pink -- --

Colorful Standard Scarf Light pink -- --

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Sustainable Values

Because this product contains recycled wool, it is created from existing wool from both pre-consumer sources, such as factory scraps, and post-consumer ones, such as returned garments. Buying this product helps to repurpose discarded material that would otherwise end up in the landfill

Colorful Standard has its own manufacturing center in Portugal for their production. Their manufacturing center, RTG textiles, was created by Colorful Standard’s founder, with fairness and transparency as the key goals. They decided to skip out on partnering with factories, in order to ensure ethics in the supply chain. As a European based company, it is also important for them to keep production within the EU, which abides them to European laws, and gives their European customers an opportunity to visit their facilities and overlook the production process

All of Colorful Standard's products are produced at their own manufacturing center in Portugal. They also work with local suppliers to ensure the highest possible level of quality

Because this product is made with recycled wool, it offers only cashmere from post consumer or post industrial goods, with no new animal input