Circle Sportswear Smooth Operator sport crop top

Smooth Operator sport crop top

59at Circle Sportswear
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Available Sizes: Moss

Sustainable Values

This product is made with TENCEL™ branded lyocell that is mainly manufactured from beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries

The fabric this product is made with is produced using an environmentally responsible closed loop production process, meaning its solvent has a recovery rate of more than 99%, so no chemical or organic waste is produced in the process. This means not much water is required, because it is reused continuously in its process

All the people involved in the creation of your garment are located in Europe, in France, Italy, Germany, and Portugal. Their workshop in Portugal is family-owned, where expertise is transmitted

All the recycled waste and resources that make up our materials are sourced as close as possible, in Italy, Germany, France, and Spain and their collection is made in Portugal

Circle Sportswear does not use animal-derived textiles/products

Their products are made 100% recyclable at the end of Life or recycled fibers. They work with a French Alps-based company that manages to de-ink products and recycle 100% of the product for their take-back program

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