Take Care of Your Clothes

When discussing huge topics like reducing pollution and waste, people frequently question their ability to make the difference. Too often we blame multinationals or politicians for doing nothing to change the status quo.
Well, when talking about reducing the fashion footprint, each and everyone of us can do something.
Here is what we can do to improve the situation:

Reduce the purchase of low quality products

They may look good the first time you wear them, but they will soon show their limitations. Fast fashion is so cheap because raw materials are poor and so is the production processes. Investing a little bit more when purchasing apparel means that your clothes will last longer and on the long term you can significantly reduce the waste you generate (...and save money as well).

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Avoid washing clothes more than necessary

Sometimes hanging  them in a airy place can be enough. But of course, we don’t want you to smell! So, when you can't do but wash your favorite dresses, jeans and sweaters, try to be as gentle as possible (this will have a positive impact on your garments and will help you save water and energy). For instance, use shorter cycles with water at a lower temperature.


sustainable fashion in one place renoon

Laundry bags

are a simple solution to obtain huge results. Firstly, they protect the fibers of your clothes from unneeded stress and abrasion while in the washing machine; this will lead to better fitting and longer life. On top of that, the most innovative laundry bags also prevent plastic microfibers to spread in our oceans!

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