Fashion is said to be the second most polluting industry and many actions still need to be taken to make it sustainable.


to sustain

/səˈsteɪn / verb [ T ]

To keep alive.

Renoon is built from the foundations of believing that a circular economy is the future. 


When a seed happens to be in the soil a new plant grows. From the plant, a tree rises. In spring, flowers bloom from that tree and a new seed goes back into the soil. 
The cycle starts again.  
Everything in the world is bound to this rule. But fashion is not one of them. 

Clothing is created, thrown away (sometimes without even being used) with no further purpose. Landfills become the go-to place of these products. Piles and piles of clothing get staked in remote areas of the world, where they will remain for centuries. Renoon believes that a circular economy is the future and selects products (not brands) that fit into this vision.


We can change that with the products found on Renoon and the services that this platform will offer very soon. 


Everything is calling us. Today, as consumers, we not only have the responsibility but the actual power to make sustainable fashion a reality. 
With a tool like Renoon on your hands you are changing fashion while creating yourself and style.