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5 bag brands with sustainability at heart

5 bag brands with sustainability at heart
By Renoon

Have you ever tried to find the best sustainable bag? Well you don’t need to anymore, Renoon has scouted the market for you and here’s our list of 5 brands we think you might want to check out.

From advancing vegan leather substitutes, to partnering with green organizations, planting trees, using eco packaging, and many more these brands are pioneering necessary change in the bag industry as we know it today.


€ | Typically below 100€

€€ | Typically 100€-150€

€€€ | Typically 150€-200€

€€€€ | Typically 200€ or more

1. Silfen

Ethical Bags Brands Sustainable Bags
  • Price | €
  • Ethics | #ethicallabor #supportcommunities #smallbusinesses
  • Size Range | Small
  • Status on Renoon | Verified ✅

Danish accessory brand born in 2013, characterized by high-quality products. Silfen thoughtfully designs colorful, playful pieces, that mix textures and play with unique combinations

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2. Canussa

Sustainable Bags
  • Price | €€€
  • Ethics | #supportclimatetransition #vegan #madeineurope #smallbusinesses
  • Size Range | Medium
  • Status on Renoon | Verified ✅

Spanish-based label, creating high-end functional bags in a beautiful design using innovative eco-fabrics. Canussa’s mission is to create functional and stylish bags and accessories

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3. Alexandra K

Sustainable Bags
Alexandra K
  • Price | €€€€
  • Ethics | #timless #craftmanship #madeineurope #vegan
  • Size Range | Small-Medium-Big
  • Status on Renoon | Unverified ❌

Founded in 2014, specialising in vegan, organic and environmentally-friendly handbags and accessories made from innovative fabrics.

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4. Pinqponq

Sustainable Bags
  • Price | €€-€€€
  • Ethics | #vegan #supportclimatetransition #ethicallabor
  • Size Range | Big
  • Status on Renoon | Unverified ❌

German brand that defies existing design conventions. It offers a variety of bags that combine style and versatility. Pinqponq is dedicated to three important goals: sustainability, a clear design and a high degree of functionality

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5. Mashu

Sustainable Bags
  • Price | €€€€
  • Ethics | #craftmanship #madeineurope #supportclimatetransition #smallbusinesses
  • Size Range | Small-Medium
  • Status on Renoon | Verified ✅

The brand offers sustainable and vegan accessories. Inspired by Art Deco interiors and objects along with Cycladic and contemporary architecture, all products are designed in London and made by expert artisans in Greece.

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