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Here’s what’s happening to Reformation

Here’s what’s happening to Reformation
By Elena Picci

Since Saturday 6th June, Diet Prada’s instagram post on Reformation using sustainability as a facade has been traveling all over the platform. Here’s what’s happening.

Updated: 15:30 CEST Friday, 19th June 2020

It all started about a week ago, when the sustainable brand Reformation made a post on Instagram. This post was in honour of the Black lives matter movement and was made with the aim to promote donations to verified organization.

Here’s what’s happening to Reformation
Reformation Instagram Post

However this statement seemed a bit bitter after a person, ex-employee of the brand posted the following comment:

‘’Working for Reformation deeply traumatized me. Being overlooked and under valued as a woman of color who worked & managed their flagship store for 3years was the hardest. I cried many times knowing the color of my skin would get me no where in this company. Yael never looked at me. She would walk pass me and never spoke to me. But would tell white associates that they were pretty. I once went to visit the shop after a couple years gone and a new black associate asked me if i honestly thought there was a chance for black people to move up in the company. And i said if you’re asking this 2yrs after I left, than the answer was and will always be no. This story goes deeper and Ive always been afraid to tell it. But no more fear from me.’’

Following this post, other comments from ex-employees came in force to approve her story. She became a real source of inspiration for black employees who were treated bad just for the color of their skin.

Different articles went out accusing this brand of being racism and as a consequence the Reformation management team had to put their Instagram account on private to stop the haters.

Since Saturday 6th June, Diet Prada’s post on Instagram has been traveling all around the platform.

what is happening to reformation scandal on racism
“Reformation’s sustainable facade has been hiding a racist corporate culture” – Diet Prada’s Instagram Post

Even though these accusations are serious and we don’t support any racial behavior, Reformation remains a brand who has proven itself in terms of environmental responsibilities. Therefore, our feelings are mixed and we would like to have more information in regards to the topic. Reformation, We are waiting for your answer.

Update: 08:30 CEST Monday, 8th June 2020

Aflalo apologised on Sunday 7th in an Instagram post captioned “I’ve failed,” and announced a diversity and inclusion board, a personal donation of $500,000 and an independent investigation into the company’s workplace culture:

Update: 15:30 CEST Friday, 19th June 2020

Aflalo resigned on Friday 12th of June saying that ‘“Over the past few years it has become clear to me that I am not the right person to lead a business of Reformation’s size and scope. On a personal note, I have long struggled with the public facing nature of my role and with managing our team. It is time for a change.” (BOF)

The good news, however, is that the new chief executive, Hali Borenstein, will include goals on diversity and inclusion in Reformation’s sustainability reports (Sourcing Journal).

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