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Give water, sustain women: an initiative by Oxfam and one of Renoon’s shops LVRSustainable

Give water, sustain women: an initiative by Oxfam and one of Renoon’s shops LVRSustainable
By Renoon

Give Water, Sustain Women is a new initiative created by Oxfam Italy and Renoon’s partner LVRSustainable: coming together to provide clean water to those in need.

Climate change has caused so many negative effects that we are experiencing more and more as the days go by. Unsteady temperatures, extinction of species, and even lack of water. Yes, lack of water. The hotter it gets, the more droughts there are, making it impossible for some people to access water.

Give Water, Sustain Women: an initiative by Oxfam and LVRSustainable 2021
Image via Oxfam and LVRSustainable

Every day, it takes 200 million hours collectively for women around the world to get clean water.

Today, one in three people worldwide does not have access to clean water sources for drinking or washing, but you can do something about it

One in two people lacks sanitation, putting them at risk of contracting diseases such as COVID-19, cholera, typhoid, and dysentery, which can claim more lives than war in already impoverished countries.

Before the pandemic, water shortages killed about 830,000 people each year, who were forced to drink and wash with dirty or contaminated water, and led to 800 children under 5 falling ill every day.

Give Water, Sustain Women: an initiative by Oxfam and LVRSustainable
Images via LVRSustainable

Oxfam and Renoon’s partner LVRSustainable join forces to provide water for those in need

For each item purchased on LVRSustainable, Luisa Via Roma has decided to support the work of Oxfam by guaranteeing 500 liters of water, enough for a family to drink, wash and cook with for a week.

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By doing this, women – who are traditionally responsible for the collection of water – will have more time for their personal and professional growth, reducing the social inequalities that make them more vulnerable to discrimination, abuse, and violence.

Providing water and sustaining women, all in one

“Bringing clean water to those who need it”: this is the goal that Oxfam – the humanitarian organization dedicated to reducing global poverty through development projects and humanitarian aid – is working towards together with LVRSustainable through the “Give water, Sustain women” initiative.

Give Water, Sustain Women: an initiative by Oxfam and LVRSustainable
Image via Oxfam and LVRSustainable

Oxfam is a global movement of people fighting inequality to overcome poverty

The organization aims to save and rebuild lives in emergencies, promotes sustainable development and fights to build a future without inequality in which everyone, everywhere, is guaranteed their essential rights and no one is left behind.

Renoon’s partner as Luisa Via Roma’s sustainable section, LVRSustainable, prioritizing responsible brands

At Renoon we have a brand-level and product-level selection of the items that fit strict criteria in our sustainability framework. You can make sure the items fit the criteria by browsing on Renoon.

You can shop brands from LVRSustainable like Stella McCartney, Ganni, and more on Renoon!

If you are not in need to buy anything today, you can directly make a donation here.

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