What if Your Next Puffer Coat could be filled with Flower Petals, Not Feathers?

PUFFER JACKET pangaia flower down

PANGAIA Introduces 100% Recyclable FLWRDWN Puffer Jackets after 10 years of development. 

As the cold creeps upon us, how are you planning to keep warm? Biodegradable elements: natural flowers, biopolymers and aerogel

flwrdwn pangaia puffy jacket

PANGAIA has created an alternative to the old goose, duck down (full of bad bacteria and produced under cruel circumstances) and the synthetic polyester fibers:
"We have created a breakthrough vegan technology, where science meets nature to change the way the world views its fashion choices. Our ​proprietary ​technology​ has taken our scientists 10 years of extensive in-lab research and development to bring you an alternative." - PANGAIA's team. 

Not only warm, hypoallergenic and breathable

pangaia puffy jacket flwrdwn

But also cruelty free. PANGAIA sources the wild flowers used for the puffer jackets’ fillings from areas which contribute to habitat restoration and help conserve a species of local butterflies. This type of regenerative agriculture reduces greenhouse gas production and preserves groundwater.

Made in Italy,  filled with soft, vegan FLWRDWN

You can shop them starting December 4th

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