On the new Moncler bio-based and carbon neutral down jacket's sustainability

The new Moncler bio-based and carbon neutral down jacket: how sustainable is it?
This December 2019 Moncler unveiled its commitment to sustainability, working with innovative materials and more eco-friendly alternatives through the launch of a new puffer jacket: TREPORT
Selling online for 1,300 euros, the jacket is the second initiative taken on by the brand, after the recycled line Grenoble Recycled for mountain-goers. 
 Partnered with REDD+, Moncler also  offsets the carbon used to create the jacket.
The initiatives sounds (and looks) really good: let's analyze it further.
The new Moncler bio-based and carbon neutral down jacket: how sustainable is it?

What are the materials composing the jacket?

The outer shell, lining, buttons, and zippers are all derived from castor beans: a sustainable bio-plastic as an alternative. Castor beans are a raw material that further allow for a 30% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to a fossil origin source.

Does it mean the jacket is vegan? 

Moncler clearly writes that the jacket is internally composed by down and 10% of feathers. They are certified ( https://dist.moncler.com/) for those who are not vegan, but still checking on the quality, origin and animal welfare of down.

Is Moncler's jacket a sustainable alternative?

The brands states that "Moncler is aware that sustainability is not a final destination, but an ongoing improvement process driven by the constant search for new solutions to shape the future". For those of you who are fan of the brand, it is great to support steps forward preferring this instead of other collections.

TREPORT Jacket promotes material innovation and further improvements from the brand. However, for those looking for vegan options, there are many other innovations to look into, such as PANGAIA's FLWRDWN.

Moncler's new sustainable trials with this TREPORT Jacket and the Grenoble Recycled do not currently meet the transparency requirements (the brand, for example, does not clearly state the percentage of recycled materials used in the collection) and material innovation taken into consideration from Renoon.

moncler recycled grenoble ski collection

We postpone our evaluation on Moncler's new collections until further information is available.

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