Modular, multifunctional, sustainable: AVORIA

sustainable brand avoria econyl
A new brand to inspire creativity and customization. How good to know about this winter's innovation first? From this A/W 19-20 and onwards: versatile pieces that can be extended, re-arranged and made one's own. 

sustainable brand avoria econyl

Introducing: AVORIA

A capsule of individual additional accessories may be collected and used individually or connected to the other modules in different ways over time. This is Avoria's main concept.
Made of ECONYL®, AVORIA's fabrics, with their innovative and restorative combination of Palo Santo and Frankincense, provide the body with natural protection thanks to the beneficial effect of the sacred wood essence and essential oil compounds. 

See what modularity means

avoria sustainable fashion econyl

Now pack it

avoria sustainable fashion econyl

Be careful AVORIA contains combinations of powerful elements to optimise balance between body, environment and mind.

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