Sustainable Brand: SUNAD

Sustainable Brand: SUNAD

This week we land on a hot and dry space: not the desert, but almost. We talked to SUNAD: a shirt-specialized Spanish brand that calls on the YSL woman of the 70's with a contemporary twist. From the dunes of the desert - "dunas" in Spanish - to SUNAD.

Created by two madrileñas, SUNAD’s shirts are featured on Renoon. Why? Let’s see how they caught our interest...


Q: In a sentence, why is SUNAD sustainable?

A: We only work with 100% natural fabrics and our productions are made locally in Spain.

Q: What is it that makes SUNAD unique?

A: Our determination to keep doing what we are doing.

Q: Paloma and Ana, as founders of a sustainable fashion brand, what is
your biggest inspiration?

A: Our biggest inspiration is our grandmothers, the way in which they cared, looked and thought about fashion. When they where younger, fast fashion and artificial fabrics weren’t a thing, so they took care of their clothes to last a lifetime. They would only buy a couple of things a season, if any, and took care of it as if it was a little treasure. We now call this slow fashion, buying consciously.

Q: Which are the products you identify the most in your collection?

A: Ana: Karoo Flores [SS19 - Launching soon] - A style that we designed some years ago for one of our firsts collection and that we’re now bringing back. I love how it’s so summery and how the fabric flows and how it’s a style that worked then and now. 
Paloma: Barrosa Noche  [SS19 - Launching soon]  - Because of its versatility, as you can wear it both as a shirt and as a jacket. I also love how soft the fabric is. 

Discover SUNAD on Renoon

Q: ...and the most timeless, everlasting item any women can have?

A: Rodas  [SS19 - Launching soon]  - It’s design for every woman regarding their age of style. Both fabrics are very timeless and their colours can work for both the summer and winter season.


Q: One last thing: if we say ethics+aesthetics, you say...

A: The future of fashion and SUNAD :)


SUNAD's Summer 19 collection will be launching soon on Renoon. Keep on watching...