Sustainable Brand: Stella McCartney

Sustainable Brand: Stella McCartney

This might be a story you already know, but to get you ready for what's to come this is what we need to show.

What's more sustainable than a white sneaker that can go with anything? Adidas x Stella McCartney, of course!

They are made from vegan leather for the first time in the sneaker’s history, while staying true to the original design: the proof that we don’t have to have leather shoes or animal-based glues in order to have an incredible, iconic product!

The typical Stella (one of our favorite designers you can shop on Renoon) stars run along the sides, replacing the three stripe, and Stella’s portrait and signature adorn the left tongue. Paying homage to Stan Smith, his face remains printed on the right sneaker.

What's left to chose: are you going to wear them in pink? 

Get yours.