Behind the Denim: an interview with Candiani

Behind the Denim: an interview with Candiani

Candiani Denim was established in 1938 in a tiny town near Milano, Italy, and is a family-run company ever since.

But what is Candiani exactly and what does it stand for? 
Many of the Denim brands you can find on Renoon, source their denim from Candiani. T
he enterprise is one of the World's finest and most sustainable denim mill creating the fabrics that gave birth to the Premium Denim Industry.

Candiani just opened the first Retail store in Milan, Italy, and we had a chat with Danielle, sustainability manager to get a better understanding of the jeans production process and what role sustainability plays in it. Follow Renoon's highlight of Stories on Instagram and listen to the podcast:


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Here a few more words from Alberto, current CEO of Candiani: 

“Each year the fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic meters of water. That is equivalent to 37,200,000 Olympic sized swimming pools!!! And, 20% of global industrial water pollution is attributable to the dyeing and treatment of textiles.

We are determined to change this, by continuing to surprise the market and redefine the industry standard with our unique blend of untouchable aesthetics, high-end performance, and responsible manufacturing.

It’s because of our heritage, experience, love of tradition and strong environmental awareness that we have been able to fuse sustainability with our classic Italian style.

That's why starting from today we'll explain and show you exactly how we put in practice all our intents, creating and developing the greenest denim in the blue world.

Start the adventure! Join us in the sustainability revolution!”