Sustainable Brand: ARMEDANGELS

Sustainable Brand: ARMEDANGELS

For Armedangels organic is not a trend, but a conviction.

To assume responsibility for our environment is not an option but an obligation. That is why the German brand solely focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, fair working conditions and careful sourcing of products.

Also, 90% of their products are vegan.


Here is a sneak peek at the materials they use: 

Organic Cotton

Cotton from certified organic cultivation. 

Organic Wool

Organic livestock farming places high demands on animal welfare and ensures that animals are treated humanely.


This innovative cellulose fibre is sourced from European woods and is produced locally in Austria.

Recycled Plastic

Instead of throwing them away, plastic bottles can be melted, purified and then turned into yarns and fabrics for clothing. 

Organic Linen

Unlike in the production of conventional linen, no chemical pesticides, fertilizers or genetic engineering is used. Lighter and durable. 


The fibre production itself is particularly environmentally friendly as it constitutes a closed loop in which the solvent is reused repeatedly.

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