By Elena Picci

Which sustainable celebrity are you?

Fun Quiz to discover which celebrity shares the same sustainable values as you do! Are you a Meghan Markle or…well, we won’t be spoiling you the quiz!

We’ve all done those very important quizzes that show us new sides of our personality or which colors we should be wearing for summer. And no matter if we are 18 or 38, we still love them! Especially when it comes to something like sustainability.

The topic is so new and we still might be figuring out which values do we truly believe in and how to contribute in our own unique way.

So, what if your fashion values can make you feel like a celebrity?

Many celebrities, from Meghan Markle to… – well, we won’t spoil you the quiz – who are very much into sustainability and inspire millions of people every day. There are so many different values that make a piece of clothing more sustainable. Is it vegan? Is it organic?

So with which celebrity do you share the same values with?

Take the quiz and find out your famous sustainability-twin:

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