What’s the hype on Pangaia? Bio, recycled materials, celebs wearing them…

What’s the hype on Pangaia? Bio, recycled materials, celebs wearing them…
By Renoon

Pangaia is an eco-friendly company employing advanced technology to bring modern and ethically produced clothing. Launching the first collection o…

Pangaia is a a materials science company at the intersection of fashion, nature and science founded in 2018.

What's the hype on Pangaia?
Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber wearing Pangaia

What’s so special about Pangaia?

From launching the first collection of essentials in 2018 to having a big moment on social media during 2020 lock-down, Pangaia is backed by the likes of Pharrell Williams, for example, who was the first-ever celebrity seen wearing one of their hoodies back in the days.

The special thing about Pangaia was that sources say the company was created more like a “lab” in order to help other brands innovate with its sustainable materials. But since convincing brands to buy these innovative materials wasn’t proving successful, the company decided to launch its own line. 

Since then, the brand has been seen on many celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Chiara Ferragni, Kourtney Kardashian and JLo. 
So, nobody knows anymore if Pangaia is loved for its esthetic, celebrity endorsement, or its sustainability angle. Maybe it was time the world saw sustainable innovation as something super cool and made for everyone. 

What's the hype on Pangaia?
Chiara Ferragni’s baby Leone & JLo wearing Pangaia

Read Pangaia’s reviews and leave yours. pangaia-reviews

Who created Pangaia?

The company does not disclose who the founders are, but it might be linked to entrepreneur Mira Duma. Mira is a Russian digital entrepreneur and investor in international fashion. She is also the CEO of Future Tech Lab, a fund investing in sustainability and fashion. Due to her cheering Pangaia’s milestones on social media we have reason to believe she has been part of the project early in the days. 

What's the hype on Pangaia?
Mira Duma in Pangaia

What is a Pangaia?

Coming from a play in the name Pangea, Pangaia means: Pan: all-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group or religion + Gaia: Mother Earth.

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Is Pangaia a good brand?

The brand’s mission is to create everyday products from innovative tech and bioengineered materials, committed to innovating a better tomorrow. On Renoon Pangaia has been assigned multiple values linked to Environmental Protection. 

There are definitely some elements missing to the brand, for example, more transparency on worker ethics and especially its policies due to the super-fast growth the brand has seen in the last year. Normally, when brands need to produce more it can become difficult to control production etc. That’s why also Pangaia’s outfits were often sold out & we made a nice guide for you to know where to shop Pangaia

It’s definitely worth also reporting Pangaia’s mission statement: 

What's the hype on Pangaia? Bio, recycled materials, celebs wearing them...
Pangaia’s active collection 2021

“We are made up of individuals from all over the globe, with the same guiding principles […] Here, scientists and technologists connect with designers and the next generation of creative minds, to create functional, sustainable products. And we believe they should be beautiful. No matter if they are made from next-generation biomaterials or recycled fibers. We design products for living in, for any situation, and for basic needs. Woven with smart technology, made with as many sustainable and recyclable elements as possible. It’s not 100% natural. Yet. But we’re working on it.”

The technology behind Pangaia

Pangaia says that it partners with the world’s leading research institutions, laboratories and scientists to bring to life the latest problem-solving innovations in materials science through their products. “We pioneer breakthrough vegan technologies like wild flower down, use bio-based fibers like seaweed yarn, as well as materials made from recycled plastic and garment waste.”

Does Pangaia care about eco-packaging?

Every PANGAIA product comes in biodegradable packaging, which will fully disappear in 24 weeks in a compost bin.

Does Pangaia care about human wellbeing?

The brand calls it philanthropy and through Pangaia’s platform, the brand wants to give a whole range of ways to give back and encourage any active involvement (donating time, energy, or contributing funds to pioneering individuals and organizations).

Until 2020, ocean plastic pollution is one of the brand’s Missions, so when a purchase of any PANGAIA product was made, 1% of it was donated to 5 Gyres (a non-profit organization that empowers action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, art, education, and adventure). Although it is not clear which percentage the brand is giving back, Pangaia has extended the type of community involvement to other causes like Black Lives matter and COVID.

Where are Pangaia’s clothes made in?

It used to be Italy and Portugal. However, do the broad demand from the US and internationally, there is no accurate information on where the brand is producing at the moment. 

Where to shop Pangaia?

Pangaia’s range of products has increased over time, launching many new collections. You can find where to buy Pangaia from here and support the brand in the Renoon app. 

You can also find similar brands to Pangaia like Goat Organic Apparel, Ninety Percent, Riley Studio and more in the app. 

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