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What sustainable fashion means to me: as a content creator

What sustainable fashion means to me: as a content creator
By Renoon

Meet Paige: content creator and blogger from East London. Having worked for an innovative fashion brand with sustainability at heart, she shared with us her view into making responsible choices when shopping. Plus some life tips.

How can we make sustainability a lifestyle? Paige Leanne is a creative sharing a deep sensitivity on the topic. She shared her routine, hobbies and friends with us.

Mixing sustainability, creativity and career

Paige is a content creator and blogger from East London and sustainability is one her passions. She was able to merge her creative side and values with her career, working as a social media and e-commerce manager at Been London – an innovative accessories brand who uses exclusively recycled leather. 

“I definitely love photography, as well…so social media and photo-shoots makes perfect sense to me. I’m lucky enough to work with brands that have sustainability as their core mission”.

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What is sustainable fashion to you?

“I think the chat around sustainability in fashion needs to be spoken and thought about everyday, the more we chat the better the industry will become.” 

For Paige, the best thing to do when shopping is buying second hand. If that is not available, it’s definitely shopping at brands that are sustainable “and I mean actually sustainable! No more greenwashing – fast fashion I see through you!”

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How do you carry your values at work?

“Guys, I’m gonna take you through a shooting I am doing with my friends, Monika and Georgia, for Monika’s sustainable brand.

Having creative friends is the best. I often help out with styling, photography and anything creative with my pals.

Here is also what I do for a waste-free photoshoot: I fill in a huge bag of clothes. No need to buy new stuff that will never be worn. I keep a collection of versatile accessories like hats and sunnies for my stylings (mostly vintage or pre-loved). They always make the trick”.

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How do you shop sustainable?

“Since I’m quite of a second hand enthusiast, I’ve been using the Renoon app over the last couple of weeks when shopping. Thanks to the platform I’ve discovered some new brands and began to think not twice but thrice before purchasing something new instead of vintage or second hand.

 Renoon has a great feature on their app that shows you pre-loved clothing, so great!”

Here is the brand she was wearing for her photoshoot:

On a more personal note…

“I’m currently reading this book: Meta Human by Deepak Chopra, I just love his view on the world and the self. I feel it’s connect with sustainability, too”.

Calling all creatives: you can always mix your career with your passions. Here is also Paige’s new creative Instagram to inspire you.

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