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What is Piñatex? A sustainable material and where to shop it.

Let’s find something new. Alternatives to leather might fit into two categories: #1 those made of plastic-based materials #2 more natural ones.

Let’s find something new. Alternatives to leather might fit into two categories: 
#1 those made of plastic-based materials 
#2 more natural ones. 
Beware of category #1: some substitutes might actually be less eco-friendly than leather itself.

So what is Piñatex®?

An alternative to leather, you can guess by now.

Made from pineapple leaf fibre, it is an innovative natural textile that fits into the second category.

Why sustainable

Pineapple agriculture creates waste: the remaining leaves are then called a “byproduct” of the industry. Normally, these are burned or discarded. Here comes Piñatex®: the leaves are taken and made into a leather-looking sustainable material.

Their use also creates an additional income stream for farming communities that otherwise rely on a seasonal harvest.

So, in the making of Piñatex® there is 
#1 Better use of natural resources
#2 Support of local farming communities

How efficient!

Who makes Piñatex®?

Ananas Anam is the company behind the leather substitute within the values of a circular economy. Combining research and innovation Ananas Anam’s mission is to enhance the well-being of the earth and its people through the entire life cycle of the product (the company’s inspiration is the Cradle to Cradle® approach).

Piñatex® is made in the Philippines with low water use, low production waste and without the use of nasty chemicals banned by the Cradle to Cradle® list.

What’s more is that the production happens in a so-called closed loop system: what comes out of it is used as a fertilizer or biofuel. So, nothing goes lost (except our mind for not having used this material before).

The non-woven mesh is also biodegradable!

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