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What does cost per wear mean?

What does cost per wear mean?
By Renoon

Just because you are paying less, doesn’t mean it’s cheaper. Get ready to change your world with just a few numbers and well…logic. You’ll understand with us why your next boots, jeans or shirts might be a sustainable and cheaper choice for the long run, when you know in which items to invest.

If you haven’t heard it before, cost per wear means breaking down what you are paying right by how many times you are actually going to wear those clothes.

Since we are all switching our mindset away from fast fashion, this is an additional way to finally put your mind at ease.

Would you rather buy a €140 or €40 worth pair of jeans?

Which one costs less? The €40 ones you’d say! It doesn’t take a mathematician. But here comes the trick: it is likely that the €140-pair-of-jeans is made with a certain quality and degree of attention to durability (even better it’s made with sustainable materials and workers have been treated well). While the €40 one less so.

According to studies by the New York Times, people on average don’t wear cheap, fast fashion clothes more than 10 times.

What is cost per wear sustainable fashion 2021
Image via Pinterest (left) and The Slow Label (right)

So, since the €140 pair is made nicely, you will probably love them for longer – like 3 years – and wear them the bare minimum of 20 times – which means wearing them for a total of 60 times. It’s definitely an underestimate for your favourite pair of jeans – during non-Covid times.

Also, we can consider that thanks to new platforms that allow you to resell your jeans or rent them to somebody else, there are still some bucks you can get back.

Let’s ask again: is it cheaper to buy a €140 or €40 worth pair of jeans?

The answer is: the €40 pair of jeans is actually more expensive!

And here is the calculation: €140/60=€2,3 vs €40/10=€4 (!!!)

What is cost per wear sustainable fashion 2021
Cost per wear in fashion: explained

That’s not even considering that probably a nice, valuable pair of jeans can be re-sold for €50, but the cheap ones lose value faster and you might make €5 out of them.

Fast fashion isn’t cheap

Think about it: how many amazing investment pieces could you have actually bought with all that money torn into pieces and hanging in your closet, worn one time and sitting there to dust.

Let’s repeat together: fast fashion isn’t cheap. Not for us. Not for the environment. Not for the people who made the clothes. That’s your mantra: fast fashion isn’t cheap.

Why are we saying this? Don’t get us wrong. We’ve all gone through our fast fashion phases. But now it’s time to get smarter. Join us on Renoon. The only app you need to recreate your wardrobe and fill it with brands that are worth your money.

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