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Water-Neutrality is the fresh trend you will start hearing about

Water-Neutrality is the fresh trend you will start hearing about
By renoon

In short: reducing the water footprint as much as possible. Basically the concept is very similar to carbon-neutrality.

In just a few months your favorite brands were going / announcing future steps towards being carbon neutral (read more here)

Is water-neutral the next big thing?

Know your thing: Fashion is thirsty

By 2025, 2/3 of the planet will not have access to fresh water.
You need to know that the fashion industry is really thirsty.
Re-using treated water and minimizing waste at the same time could be the option.

What does water-neutral mean?

In short: reducing the water footprint as much as possible.
It means stopping any waste of even the tiniest drop of water and/or compensating for the water that cannot be used again. Basically the concept is very similar to carbon-neutrality. Easy.

Brands becoming water-neutral?

Breaking it down, to become water-neutral they need to:


do the ‘’maximum’’ to reduce existing water footprint(reducing, re-using and cleaning fresh water)

Compensate the lost water by investing in or supporting water
saving projects in proportion of the lost water.

Stay in check

Brands being water-neutral should keep both action #1 and #2 in check. Compensating for water only is an over-stretch of water-neutrality just like carbon neutrality.

Spot on facts to tell everyone else over coffee

The fashion industry uses 1/10 of all the water used industrially.

2700 liters of water are used for only one t-shirt.

How to be the best at saving water?

Start by switching your jeans and basics buying habits.

find sustainable jeans

Find sustainable jeans

find sustainable basics

Find sustainable basics

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