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Swimwear that respects and enjoys nature? Meet the couple behind Laara Swim

Swimwear that respects and enjoys nature? Meet the couple behind Laara Swim
By Antonia Vasile

We, ladies, know how important it is to feel comfortable and sexy in our bikinis. It gives us a sense of confidence and self-love and Laara Swim gets it! It’s all about that timeless design. The cherry on top is that buying a set not only makes you feel like a goddess but also makes you one by contributing to a better, cleaner environment.

We chatted with Adelina Ramovic – Co-founder and Creative Director of Laara Swim – about the reason for starting her own brand, the inspiration behind the brand name, and what sustainability means for her.

ethical swimwear brand
Laara Swim

Laara Swim is a Danish luxury swimwear brand founded in 2019 in Copenhagen. Laara Swim has been part of the sustainable agenda since its inception, focusing on 100% recycled swimwear from ocean plastics.

The founders behind Laara Swim are a couple, Danni and Adelina who both have a background in Marketing and Business Development, but also share the same values and a love for the ocean. Adelina grew up in Montenegro surrounded by nature and the beach and the ocean became close to her heart. Danni is a former elite swimmer and lifeguard with a passion for whales and dolphins since his teenage years.

“Our Brand name LAARA comes from our last names (La)ursen (a)nd (Ra)ma. It became the brand name because we felt that the name “Laara” suited and impersonated our brand best” Adelina told us. Laara respects and enjoys the nature around her, she lives a simple life, and knows her values in life, she is graceful, caring, and calm, which also makes her appear strong, brave, and independent, as she dares to speak and behave her own way.

sustainable swimwear brand
Laara Swim

“I always dreamt of starting my own small fashion store”

In 2017, Adelina was working as a Marketing Manager, and while she enjoyed it, it wasn’t her dream job. When she and Danni moved in together the same year, he encouraged her to pursue her vision. They had long conversations about what the brand can be and they both linked the idea of a swimwear brand. Adelina told us that “Danni had worked with market and customer intelligence for both B2B and B2C brands and found that, the sustainable swimwear market would be a great opportunity, as few suppliers existed and the market was not there yet. No brand existed in Denmark at that point, so we were really excited.” After many months of discussions and negotiations with suppliers around the world, product design, planning of photo shoots, website design and development, and many more, Laara Swim officially launched in 2019 as the first Danish sustainable swimwear brand.

In the summer of 2019, they also became parents to their first child, Noah, which really put them under pressure “through the early days of Covid-19 we had to work really hard to keep things moving, but we were dedicated to making things work and keeping the wheels running. We already had some great customers and feedback. We had a strong belief in our brand and what we had developed so we wanted to make it even better. This is what we are working on every day” she explained.

sustainable responsible swimwear brand
Laara Swim

“For us at Laara Swim sustainability is many things”

Adelina explained how sustainability is found in many areas of their brand,  in the ECONYL® used which is 100% recycled from ocean plastic, in the craftsmanship and quality of the products that ensure longevity, in the design of the swimwear that does not go out of style tomorrow, and everything involving the development of the products, from the supply chain, CSR, work ethics, etc.

“We always make sure our partners are certified, provide good working conditions, and we aim for minimum CO2 impact and compensate 100% of our footprint. We may not yet be perfect, but we believe we are quite fair and are ongoingly evaluating how things can be done better, easier, and more sustainably” Adelina told us.


How does this type of information make you feel? Would you like to see more brands open up about their production processes and future goals? Let us know in the comment section 💬😊

ethical sustainable swimwear
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