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The fun side of sustainable fashion: a chat with Alli Blair

The fun side of sustainable fashion: a chat with Alli Blair
By Renoon

Alli Blair – the mind behind the homonymous lifestyle clothing brand – shared why she decided to create her brand, how she implements a more responsible lifestyle and gave a useful advice for those just approaching the sustainability world

Sustainability has always been an essential part of Alli Blair’s lifestyle. This passion, united with her eye and experience in the fashion world, pushed her to create Alli Blair New York – the clothing brand without compromise.

Alli Blair New York Sustainable Shopping Fun Responsible Brand
Images by Alli Blair

I wanted to create a brand that was happy and eccentric: exactly what I myself was searching for!

“I knew the market was really missing a luxury brand that spoke to the next generation of consumers. I was looking for luxury products that were made of ethically sourced natural fibers. I realized that there wasn’t anything that spoke to me aesthetically, everything on the market was just part of the same ‘sustainable’ formula of basics, natural tones” Alli explains.

And so, Alli Blair was born! But not without challenges …

“One of the greatest challenges we faced during development was finding a solution to reinforcement materials for our accessories: traditionally, brands have always used synthetic materials – like hard plastics or polyurethane foams – to create the structural integrity of the products

We wanted to keep the vision of the company, No Compromise, so we set out to find a solution that only used natural materials

We have successful found natural solutions to the problem, like natural rubber foam, organic cotton reinforcement backing, etc., to achieve the desired result” she explains

Alli Blair New York Sustainable Fashion 2022 Fun Responsible Brand
Images by Alli Blair

A brand is only sustainable when it comes up with the best solution for all parts of the supply chain of the industry

“Sustainability is a combination of the better treatment of people and the planet. It’s such a personal journey, it is different for everyone. Personally, I look for brands that sell well sourced natural fiber products, reusable or compostable packaging, and most importantly ethical garment production. I only shop from brands that I put a lot of research into, credibility is so important, or second hand. I would say that more than half my closet is vintage.

The same goes for everything else that I own, clean and zero waste skincare and vintage furniture. I am also a vegetarian for both moral and environmental reasons ” she replied when asked about what sustainability means to her.

No one’s life and health is worth another’s need for Instagram likes

“I wish more people understood the cost behind fast fashion products, especially the personal cost of the garment workers. I truly believe that if everyone could understand how much garment workers make and what the cost to their lives is then most people would change their overconsumption habits and make better fashion choices”.

Alli Blair New York Sustainable Fashion 2022 Fun Responsible Brand
Images by Alli Blair

So, to someone who is just approaching the world of sustainability I would say: start small!

“Look at your overall consumption and make small changes. Maybe start with shopping vintage or changing some of your skincare products. Sometimes consuming sustainably can seem overwhelming because it doesn’t seem readily available, but the resources are out there to find better solutions” she concludes.

If I had to choose an outfit to wear for the rest of my life… 

“I’d definitely pick an organic oversized white t-shirt, my vintage Pucci or Zegna menswear blazer and my brands organic silk cotton candy pink Consciously Creative pants!” she tells us.

Alli Blair New York Sustainable Fashion 2022 Shopping Responsibly
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