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The 2010s have been the decade that led to…

From the brands born with sustainability at the core of what they do to new must-try material innovations, the 2010s have been the decade that led …

From the brands born with sustainability at the core of what they do to new must-try material innovations, the 2010s have been the decade that led to 2019, the year of awakening. What has defined this decade? 

Find out how every year has brought your favorite sustainable fashion items here. 

2010: the year of birth 

Reformation, Everlane are some of the brands we have learned to appreciate for their sustainable efforts. The beginning of 2010s set the start of brand new names that care.  

2011: desire without destroying the environment

More brands join in the quest for turning sustainable fashion from eco-boring into the must-have of the future. Other brands, continue on the long-ago-started quest to make sustainable fashion the norm (Osken, Patagonia – launching the “Don’t buy this jacket campaign” on the New York Times).

2012: digital starts changing fashion

May it be online shopping or the “See now, Buy now” desire, fashion brands get caught up in the necessity of speed and digitization.

2013: what we never wanted to see happen

A year of great tragedy that moved the many in the fashion industry. We never want to remember the bad, but the shock of the episode of the Rana Plaza was the signal that change was needed.

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2014: everybody started to pay attention

After Rana Plaza’s disaster, 2014 was the year when millions of pages were written, movies, campaigns were made and movements were born. Everybody started to pay attention and introduce new ideas, innovations on how to make up for the bad. 

Econyl x Outerknown

2015: the ocean cleaning begins

ECONYL® Partners With World Champion Surfer Kelly Slater on OUTERKNOWN for a sustainable collection made from 100 percent regenerated nylon waste materials.

Learn more about ECONYL® on Renoon

Stella McCartney 2016

2016: from global sustainable fashion week to dedicated runways

As things get more serious, independent fashion weeks or special runways are dedicated to sustainable fashion.

Gucci Loafers

2017: goodbye to fur

This was the year big fashion names like Gucci went fur free. Some brands had already said goodbye to fur in the previous decade, but 2017 set a reaction chain for many more to liberate themselves from fur.

Vivienne Westwood and Marine Serre 2017

2018: things get heated

Vivienne Westwood launches the “Buy Less, Dress Up” campaign, bringing a DIY-aesthetic to the unisex fashion line.

For early 2019 Marine Serre prepares a jaw dropping campaign that let’s it burn.

Stella McCartney and Adidas NuCycl 2019

2019: what is it made of?

Material innovation and recycled capsule collections were 2019’s trend. Who could have thought we would end up with a bag made out of discarded pineapple leafs or a bikini from recycled fishing nets?

Big fashion brands, such as Prada and Burberry, launched their collections of recycled nylon and started joining efforts in alternative material adoption.The adidas by Stella McCartney Infinite Hoodie is the first experiment of a highly advanced process by NuCycl that liquifies fibers to create new ones. 

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What awaits for the 2020s? Time for a change. Time for Renoon.

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