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Sleeping Responsibly with these 3 ethical brands

Sleeping Responsibly with these 3 ethical brands
By Renoon

Sleep and relax responsibly while wearing a garment you know was made ethically! Renoon’s picks are here, enjoy!

We’re all for stocking our wardrobes with do-good fashion since we’re ethical and sustainable wardrobe fighters. Fortunately, also thanks to Renoon, it is nowadays simpler to get ethical apparel for every occasion!

For blissful, socially-aware slumber, this list contains pajamas that are morally and fairly traded.


€ | Typically below 100€

€€ | Typically 100€-150€

€€€ | Typically 150€-200€

€€€€ | Typically 200€ or more

1. Charlotte Dunn Design

ethical pjs and sleepwear
Charlotte Dunn Design
  • Price | €€€-€€€€
  • Ethics | #slowfashion #ecopackaging #supportcommunities
  • Size Range | UK 1-4
  • Status on Renoon | Unverified ❌

London-based luxury sustainable pyjama brand, created with the desire to help you sleep easy, with each collection driving high quality, environmentally friendly materials

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2. People Tree

ethical pjs and sleepwear
People Tree
  • Price | €€€
  • Ethics | #supportcommunities #ethicallabor #supportclimatetransition #vegan
  • Size Range | UK 8-16
  • Status on Renoon | Unverified ❌

Born in 1991, with the vision of a stylish, innovative, responsible, and affordable fashion label. People Tree’s contemporary, versatile designs and playful, exclusive prints are inspired by the V&A archives

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3. Sabinna

ethical pjs and sleepwear
  • Price | €€€€
  • Ethics | #ecopackaging #supportclimatetransition #craftsmanship #womenempowerment #smallbusinesses
  • Size Range | XXS-XXXL
  • Status on Renoon | Verified ✅

SABINNA is a female-led conscious lifestyle brand offering products and experiences based in East London and Vienna. Well known for their signature handcraft details, strong silhouettes, and vibrant color palettes as well as being a modern storyteller for women. Their core values are rooted in innovation

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Got any other responsible sleepwear brand in mind? Request it to see it on Renoon!

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