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Sustainable Halloween: dress responsibly

Sustainable Halloween: dress responsibly
By Renoon

On the night of the 31st October 2021, we are dressing up with long Halloween black dresses, or blankets on top of our head. Regardless of what you choose to do, here are 5 options for you to have an eco-friendly and sustainably-minded Halloween.

Here’s a scary thing to start with: the amount of pollution that fashion creates every year. So, apart from dressing up like a giant underwear made out of spandex which takes 1000+ years to biodegrade – SCARY – here is what you can do with us to make this Halloween costume dress-up more sustainable.

#1 Put an old blanket on

Yes, if you can grab something old from your closet, that’s a great way to make your Halloween more responsible.

#2 Shop the vintage gothic-style

Pre-loved items for Halloween are a great idea. And we know quite the right places where to get them.

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Sustainable Halloween: dress responsibly
Hocus Pocus collection

#3 Buy sustainability made items that you can wear after Halloween is over

If you have your eye on something good that you want to keep after the party is over, make the investment. Make sure that is a brand & item vetted from Renoon for example, so you know the impact you are having.

Sustainable Halloween: dress responsibly
Sustainable Halloween: dress responsibly – Viron boots

#4 Rent your Halloween costume

Since Halloween is also about daring, maybe it’s the right time to experiment with that shiny dress you’d never wear otherwise. So, if you are never going to wear it again, free the space in your closet for something else: rent that Halloween dress!

Renoon Sustainable Fashion App

#5 Swap with a friend

No brainer, you know. If you have that cool friend that is getting a new – hopefully responsible – outfit this year, why not ask to borrow the one from last year!

Renoon Sustainable Fashion App

And finally: tell all your friends. We love how scary Halloween is, but we don’t want the rest of our year – and lives – to be.

Fashion is more polluting than aviation and transportation combined, so tell a friend and join us on Renoon’s app.

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