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Organizing your sustainably-minded purchases: Renoon’s Collections 2022

Organizing your sustainably-minded purchases: Renoon’s Collections 2022
By Renoon

Sometimes we let ourselves get influenced by the sudden rush to shop out of an impulse. And we end up realising later on that we didn’t truly need those clothes to begin with…If there was only one feature that would make it easy to shop responsibly…Oh wait!

We know how it feels to get into the flow of window shopping on Renoon, browsing among thousands of sustainable and ethical options. However, sometimes you may want to save some items not just in a wishlist but grouping them in a specific collection, either while daydreaming on your next trip or just because you are searching for the perfect staple coat pondering different options.

Especially, since sometimes it’s easy to confuse the responsible purchases that you really need from the ones that you don’t.

Sustainable fashion 2022 shopping responsibly moodboards
Images via Renoon app

To help you shop consciously, we introduce Collections

Through your Renoon profile, you can create collections intuitively for any event or purpose, just by saving items and brands as your browse around the app.

All your collections are then saved on your Renoon’s profile so that you can easily find them and edit them whenever you wish.

You can also share your collections with your friends and family members – sharing is caring – to inspire or get inspired by the different responsible pieces and brands that there are on the app, that you probably haven’t discovered yet!

Sustainable fashion 2022 shopping responsibly moodboards
Images via Renoon app

Collections are here to help you realize what you truly need from what you don’t

And they can even be a fun way to experiment and get creative with your own fashion style through mood boards. 

Some of our members have already started collecting their favourite items saving them for their next paycheck or, who knows, a very special date…

Let us know your collections by sharing them on Instagram, tagging us and #foundonrenoon!

Move things into your wardrobe

When you end up buying something, you can press hold any item that is in your wishlist and move into your “wardrobe”, so you can keep track of what you already own.

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