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On creating 100% hand-crafted products: a conversation with Alice Rosignoli

On creating 100% hand-crafted products: a conversation with Alice Rosignoli
By Renoon

We sat with Alice Rosignoli – the creative force behind the Italian brand La Débraillée – and discussed how she started creating hand-crafted upcycled leather pieces, what makes her brand so special and her biggest fashion inspiration

With a strong background in product design and a lot of hands-on experience gained in Florence and Paris, Alice Rosignoli brought to life her own brand after a fortuitous coincidence…

La Débraillée Upcycled Leather Bags Sustainable Shopping 2022
Images by La Débraillée

I was working with Ligne Roset and they gave me some leather scraps. Afterwards, I had so much leather left that I started sewing some bags… people loved them so I started doing it seriously! 

And that’s how Le Débrailleé was born!

Meaning dishevelled in French, La Débraillée embodies both a way of being and a state of mind translating into that type of functionality that carries you through your day and into the evening. The brand is characterized by versatile iconic pieces which are both long-lasting and environmentally-friendly, opposing to the trend of ephemeral fads and fashion’s transience.

Each of our pieces is 100% handcrafted: we don’t have a factory, 3 artisans make every single piece entirely with their hands. 

“I choose Italy as the appointed place for production, because of the proximity with my network of master craftsmen. 

Our line is infused with cultural heritage elements and craftsmanship, yet the soul of the collection is represented by a minimalist, timeless and contemporary spirit that effortlessly suits the daily life and chores of those who choose La Débraillée” Alice explained.

“One of my biggest sources of inspirations is Margiela: it reminds me of the 90’s, the ready-made and a bit of droog design. Is simple but it experiment a lot with materials and shapes. This is the kind of design I like the most” she shares

La Débraillée Upcycled Leather Bags Sustainable Shopping 2022
Images by La Débraillée

I think a brand is sustainable when it respects the planet and the workers!

“Both of them should be ethical… In general terms, I wish more people realized that smaller brands are often more sustainable than big one, not just because they really believe in it, but also because their production is smaller and local, so it can be better controlled” she pointed out.

To add colors to our collections, the only option to avoid pollution was using upcycled leather

“In fact, the very first collection was just black; with time, we wanted to add colors and the only way to do it without starting a new tanning cycle, overproducing and polluting, was to use upcycled leather coming from other brands’ excess inventory” she explained

La Débraillée Upcycled Leather Bags Sustainable Shopping 2022
Images by La Débraillée

In the future, we want to collaborate with big brands and educate as many consumers as we can!

“When it comes to me, a sustainable lifestyle is as essential part of my life: I try to walk and use a bike as much as I can, I don’t like cars. When I travel I use the train more than the airplane” 

I dream about having the possibility of wearing only one outfit for the rest of my life… and the choice would be easy! 

“I’d definitely pick a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and a black sweater! Also, if I may add, I really hope platform sneakers never see the light again and…  I really think everyone should have a La Débrailleé bag in their closet!” she jokes

Sustainable Leather Bag 2022 Responsible shopping 2022 Leather bags 2022
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