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New on Renoon: LVRSustainable by LuisaViaRoma

New on Renoon: LVRSustainable by LuisaViaRoma
By Renoon

Renoon is proud to announce a partnership with one of our most loved and like‑minded platforms: LVRSustainable. 

Renoon is proud to announce a partnership with one of our most loved and like‑minded platforms: LVRSustainable. 

LVRSustainable is LuisaViaRoma’s curated selection of the sustainable brands, collections and special collaborations with renowned nonprofits that benefit social causes. 

Luisaviaroma on renoon sustainable luxury
Image: LVRSustainable

#LVRSUSTAINABLE aims to build a global sustainable community and to promote creativity by supporting conscious fashion: organic, vegan, ethical trade, eco-friendly, women’s empowerment, special projects, upcycling & recycling, and luxury & craftsmanship products. 

Luisaviaroma Sustainable renoon
Image: FISCH at LVRSustainable

Shop FISCH at LVRSustainable

‘It’s in our interest to make a change and find initiatives that foster social responsibility and sensitisation about the environmental difficulties we are facing,’ says Maria Fernanda Hernandez. With a background in human rights, she is head of global projects and sustainability at LuisaViaRoma.

To guide you through LVRSustainable selection, this is what you can’t miss: 

New on Renoon: pieces from LVRSustainable that are exciting us the most

This is the selection of organic cotton, hemp and recycled nylon items, perfect for summer:



Finally, a bag collection with biodegradable, recycled and regenerated materials, where even the tags are made from recycled paper, as well as all the packaging used for shipments.


Shop Themoirè directly at LVRSustainable

New on Renoon: what to read from LVRSustainable Diary

Learn more about some of the brands and exclusive collections from these two diary entries on LVRSustainable section:

LUISAVIAROMA Sustainable on renoon

LVR Sustainable: Zohra Rahman: Read on LVRSustainable


LVRSUSTAINABLE celebrates Earth Day 2020: Read on LVRSustainable

Renoon combines new sustainable collections from multiple websites in one place: Shop All.

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