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Collaboration season: Nike and Jaquemus drop a new collection together, but what about its impact on the planet?

Collaboration season: Nike and Jaquemus drop a new collection together, but what about its impact on the planet?
By Renoon

Monday, May 16th: Jacquemus and Nike announce their first collaboration, available from the end of June, to celebrate Nike’s future vision of “50 for her” during its 50th anniversary year. But what about its environmental impact?

Latest in: Nike has announced a collaboration with the French brand Jacquemus to launch an exclusive minimalist collection of womenswear that will be available starting from the 28th of June.

“For this collaboration with Nike, I wanted to create a collection that reinterprets athletic women’s sportswear in a minimal way. I have always been inspired by vintage ACG pieces and Nike campaigns from the ’90s. Having this imagery in mind, we designed women’s athletic wear with sensuous details and neutral colors, along with my own interpretation of the Humara, my favorite Nike shoe. It was important for the collection to be accessible for all bodies, and to be a natural blend of Jacquemus style and Nike performance,” says Simon Porte Jacquemus, the designer of the eponymous brand.

Jacquemus Nike collaboration
Images courtesy by Jacquemus

Nothing wrong with celebrating the female body with a luxury collection, but what about the environment?

Indeed, both Jacquemus and Nike had been making some improvements in their sustainability journey, but no mention of the impacts of this collection on the environment can be read on either press releases.

As we are writing this, the product technicalities about Nike x Jaquemus haven’t yet been made available. Once they launch, here is what we can all ask ourselves at the product level: Where is this product made – are the factories safe for the environment and people? What is its composition? What is its lifecycle?

Jacquemus Nike collaboration
Images courtesy of Jacquemus

Sneaker culture?

More than just thinking about this as a collection, let’s not just forget the elephant in the room: overconsumption in the sneaker industry. Jacquemus’ designer said he’s “excited to finally create a Jacquemus sneaker” and we know some people are too…

But we have to keep in mind that cool new drops can also encourage us to keep consuming, instead of reusing what is in your closet. We will wait and see!

In the meantime, you can check out responsible sneakers on Renoon, and don’t forget to leave your Reactions – check out the ones on one of our favorite sneaker brands Virón!

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