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Influencing for the better: the 10 loudest voices out there

Influencing for the better: the 10 loudest voices out there
By Renoon

Influencers are here to stay. Indeed, for decades brands have been using famous faces as a means of advertising, and it doesn’t seem likely that influencer marketing is coming to an end. With a captive audience completely at their disposal, influencers are able to shift the opinion of their followers with respect to almost anything. Luckily for us, some of them are doing it for the better. Here’s who we think you might want to follow!

There’s nothing particularly innovative in endorsing a well-known public figure or celebrity to support and advertise a product or service. Famous faces have been used by corporations as an advertising tool for decades. However, there has been a change recently, with brands now investing more and more on influencer marketing. It all started with YouTube, back in 2005, but the phenomenon became viral in 2009, with the rise of Instagram.

Sustainable Fashion Influencers Ingluencing For the Good
Who’s gaining the most from Influencer Marketing, by Business of Fashion

We see that, when it comes to fashion, the big winners in influencer marketing are fast fashion brands… But let’s not lose hope! Indeed, more and more influencers caring about the environment are emerging, giving you tons of options if you want to be inspired by someone with a sustainable lifestyle!

So, whether you want to follow someone’s sustainability journey, or you want to get inspired by the responsible choices of someone else, we have listed 10 fashion influencers with a focus on sustainability that are doing amazing. Some of them you can follow on the App, others will hopefully join us soon! We have listed here the ones who have been active on socials for more time but, unfortunately, we haven’t found many men… Hit us up if you have any other name in mind!

Venetia La Manna

Podcaster, fair fashion activist, and influencer in sustainable fashion, Venetia is a shining example of how speaking up is the only effective method to alter the business.

She co-founded Remember Who Made Them in an effort to spark a new fashion solidarity economy without sacrificing the sharing of knowledge on important issues pertaining to the fast fashion sector. Over 2 million people have downloaded her podcast, All The Small Things. She’s particularly known for always speaking up against fast-fashion giants! You can follow her on her IG!

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Sustainable Fashion Influencers Ingluencing For the Good
Venetia La Manna (left) and Celine (right)

Celine Celines

A Canadian-Lebanese designer, author, and activist , Céline Semaan-Vernon is the creator of the Slow Factory Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit. She is on the Council of Progressive International, became a Director’s Fellow of MIT Media Lab in 2016, and served on the Board of Directors of AIGA NY, a nonprofit design organization!

She is a well-known individual in the fields of social justice and the environment. By expanding her platform, she has worked hard to bring other concerns and causes related to social and environmental justice to light. For example, she brought the word decolonize to the pages of well-known fashion publications! She is the creator of the term fashion activism. Follow her journey on IG!

Kiki Boreel 

The Dutch Climate Ambassador of the Future, Fashion Model and Student of Environmental Sciences. Kiki is a model with a mission and, as such, she shared fact about climate change, climate transition and sustainable fashion on her Instagram! What’s more, working in close contact with brands, she often gets in conversation with them about how they can reduce their climate impact!

P.S.: Kiki is one of the verified profiles on Renoon, you can find her on the App and see which brands & values she supports!

Sustainable Fashion Influencers Ingluencing For the Good
Brett & Scott Staniland (left) and Kiki Boreel (right)

Scott & Brett Stainland

The sustainable fashion duo sustainable fashion needed! The identical twins’ distinctive sense of style disproves the notion that eco-friendly clothing is anything but basic and uninteresting. It is understandable why they have been on so many best-dressed lists… They have so far collaborated on various campaigns with a range of prestigious labels, shining a light on the unethical practices of the fashion business.

Scott is currently in charge of developing content for campaigns at Green.TV Media, the premier media company devoted to sustainability.  Instead, the PHD student and model Brett joined Love Island to promote causes close to his heart, such as his outspoken opposition to wearing fast fashion on the program!

Besma from Curiously Conscious

The ethical fashion blogger narrating her daily conscientious decisions. You may get all the eco-friendly shortcuts you need on her site, Curiously Conscious, which also makes sustainability seem simple. She is able to seamlessly incorporate many facets of her life onto her platforms, including food, travel, fashion, beauty, and so much more! Give her a follow on Instagram!

Sustainable Fashion Influencers Ingluencing For the Good
Besma (right) and Karen Maurice (left)

Karen Maurice

Karen’s sustainability journey began when she became a mum; since then, she felt more obliged to consider the effects of the fast fashion business on people and the environment. She is pushing herself through her blog to look beyond the newest high street trend and has taken on the motto “buy less, choose wisely, make it last.” Karen maintains a contemporary look that is colorful and assertive while still being dedicated to sustainability.

Aja Barber

As a consultant, activist, writer, and stylist, Aja concentrates on intersectional feminism, race, and eco-friendly clothing. She believes there is a connection between intersectional feminism and sustainable fashion because, as we do, when you care about anything linked to intersectional feminism, you should also be mindful of who manufactures your clothes.

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Sustainable Fashion Influencers Ingluencing For the Good
Aja Barber (left) and Silvia Stella (right)


Silvia is an Italian Creative designer, color, trend and sustainability consultant. She uses her social platforms to advocate for a more responsible fashion, by creating weekly guides on sustainable brands and giving shopping advice to her followers!

P.S.: Silvia is one of the verified profiles on Renoon, you can find her on the App and see which brands & values she supports!


A regular speaker on issues of social and environmental justice, Aditi is a sustainable fashion blogger, photojournalist, labor rights campaigner, and photographer. Her work uses intersectionality and decolonization to examine fashion and culture.Frustrated with the lack of representation and intersectionality within the sustainability movement, Aditi created her own space, ADIMAY, to look at sustainability with an eye that was equally curious, curatorial, and critical! Follow her journey on Instagram!

Sustainable Fashion Influencers Ingluencing For the Good
Daria Daria (left) and Aditi Mayer (right)


The 31-year-old Austrian entrepreneur, author, influencer, and above all human with roots in Vienna. Daria began a blog in 2010 called dariadaria, which she maintained for seven years before ending in 2017. Among other projects, she is also the founder of the sustainable fashion business Dariadéh. Her goal is to increase public awareness of issues like sustainability, the fast fashion industry, conscious living, and human rights! Find her on Instagram


We hope that this short but sweet list of responsible fashion influencers helps you getting inspired in your sustainability journey and open your mind by discovering their different perspectives!

More will come, so stay tuned on the Reader!

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