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These brands founded by influencers say they care about sustainability

These brands founded by influencers say they care about sustainability
By Antonia Vasile

Consumers claim they are “extremely likely” to heed an influencer’s advice in 82% of cases. Although significant, this statistic is expected! Indeed, with the traction they have, many influencers have decided to create their own brand, but who is doing it responsibly?

Influencers have the ability to sway people thanks to their large followings and expertly managed feeds. On our favorite social media sites, hauls, collabs, paid advertisements, and sponsorships have gradually replaced our friends’ food and baby photographs, providing us with daily inspiration for what to do, eat, put on our skin, and wear. Despite the rise of sustainable fashion influencers, some people are concerned that they may be contributing to an unsustainable addiction to fast fashion.

An increasing number of influencers have also started their own fashion labels in recent years, capitalizing on their devoted fan bases. We can’t help but wonder how these new fashion brands affect the environment, people, and animals in such large areas. Are fashion brands owned by celebrities and influencers sustainable? Following are the influencer brands that do not harm the planet & people for you to support!

Some celebrities are also taking matters into their own hands. Check out this brand founded by Gigi Hadid!


€ | Typically below 100€

€€ | Typically 100€-150€

€€€ | Typically 150€-200€

€€€€ | Typically 200€ or more

1. Magi

ethical influencer brands
  • Price | €
  • Ethics | #supportclimatetransition #ecopackaging #smallbusinesses #madeineurope #ethicallabor
  • Size Range | XS-XXL
  • Status on Renoon | Verified ✅
  • Influencer: chicksforclimate

Magi (pronounced may-jai) is a UK brand that creates underwear that aims to make you feel comfortable and beautiful, not contorted and squeezed. In essence: this is underwear your gynecologist will love, without sacrificing the planet in the process

Read more about Magi’s sustainability journey →

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2. The Slow Label

ethical influencer brands
The Slow Label
  • Price | €€-€€€
  • Ethics | #slowfashion #timeless #transparentpricing #ethicallabor #smallbusinesses
  • Size Range | XS-XL
  • Status on Renoon | Verified ✅
  • Influencer: Anna-Laura Amenta

The Slow Label is a german brand founded by sustainable fashion activist Anna-Laura Kummer. The Slow Label believes getting dressed is a daily ritual — but buying clothes shouldn’t be, advocating for more conscious consumerism. The brand aims to create cherished wardrobe pieces that act as a curation of your identity

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ethical influencer brands
  • Price | €€€ – €€€€
  • Ethics | #madeineurope #timeless #supportclimatetransition
  • Size Range | EUR 34 – 42
  • Status on Renoon | Not on Renoon
  • Influencer: Gala Gonzalez

Amlul was born in 2019 by its founder and creative director, Gala González. The brand is based on the concepts of ‘seasonless’, made in Spain, responsible consumption, and ethical production. Each garment is crafted for all those women looking for high-quality, limited edition but affordable pieces. Amlul doesn’t produce based on seasons and they don’t restock.

Read more about AMLUL’s sustainability journey →

4. People Tree

ethical influencer brands
People Tree
  • Price | € – €€
  • Ethics | #supportcommunities #ethicallabor #supportclimatetransition #vegan
  • Size Range | UK 6 – 18
  • Status on Renoon | Unverified ❌
  • Influencer: Safia Minney

Born in 1991, with the vision of a stylish, innovative, responsible, and affordable fashion label. Their contemporary, versatile designs and playful, exclusive prints are inspired by the V&A archives

Read more about People Tree’s sustainability journey →

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5. Butter & Hazel

ethical influencer brands
Butter & Hazel
  • Price | € – €€€
  • Ethics | #womenempowerment #madeineurope #carbonneutral #ecopackaging
  • Size Range | XS – XL
  • Status on Renoon | Not on Renoon
  • Influencer: Benthe Liem

Founded in Amsterdam by Benthe Liem and Isidoor van Esch. Butter & Hazel is a concept created for girls who want to be fearless and feminine. The brand was created for everyone who wants to stand out. Who is not afraid not show what they got. Make it your own and create looks that suit your personal style. With heels or sneakers, casual or fancy.

Read more about Butter & Hazel’s sustainability journey →

6. Djerf Avenue

ethical influencer brands
Djerf Avenue
  • Price | € – €€€
  • Ethics | #madeineurope #timeless #ecopackaging
  • Size Range | XXS – XXXL
  • Status on Renoon | Not on Renoon
  • Influencer: Matilda Djerf

Djerf Avenue was created in 2019. The name came to us when we were having breakfast at All Time in Los Feliz, LA. The brand wants you to feel like you’re walking down an avenue that breathes Djerf Avenue when you enter our world. Djerf Avenue is a Swedish,  non-seasonal, ready-to-wear brand.  Djerf Avenue is made to embody the confident, chic, and laid-back person on the go. Each piece is created with love, from design to production.

Read more about Djerf Avenue’s sustainability journey →

7. Attire

ethical influencer brands
  • Price | €€ – €€€€
  • Ethics | #madeineurope #transparentpricing
  • Size Range | XS – XL
  • Status on Renoon | Not on Renoon
  • Influencer: Xenia Adonts

Attire The Studio was founded by Xenia Adonts in 2019. The inspiration behind the brand grew from frustration with the lack of sustainable brands in the market that also offered modern, wearable styles, made with high quality materials. Xenia set out on a mission to create a brand that offers full transparency.

Read more about Attire’s sustainability journey →


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