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I am a woman and launched a clothing line for women: Roos Fleuren from Rhea on sustainability

I am a woman and launched a clothing line for women: Roos Fleuren from Rhea on sustainability
By Renoon

Roos Fleuren- one of the amazing women behind Rhea.- shares with us how and why they created their brand, what sustainability is in fashion, and more.

Roos Fleuren is one of the women behind Rhea., the undeniably transparent fashion project created by women, for women. This knitwear brand was ideated during Corona times when the founders- all with a strong fashion background- noticed that more attention was being paid to sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

However, “While many brands were doing it for marketing purposes, we wanted to do this in an authentic and honest way” explained Roos.

We want to treat everyone with respect and create products intended to last

Rhea. Sustainable fashion Shopping Responsibly
Images by Rhea.

And so, Rhea. was born! Its name originates from early Greek mythology, where it identified “the Great Mother”. Rhea represented the eternal flow of time and  generations. “Today, Rhea. is about crafting premium timeless products while caring about our supply chain, from the sheep to our factory workers in Lithuania. We want to set an example for the industry” says Roos. 

“For instance during Corona many fashion brands did not pay their suppliers, which meant that the factories went bankrupt. No empathy for the workers or for the factory. We pay our suppliers always on forehand so there is no risk for them, only for us” She continued.

Fashion is an ecosystem, we all depend on each other, so let’s treat each other in the right way!

Sustainable fashion 2022 Shopping Responsibly Ethical Shopping Rhea.
Images by Rhea.

Sustainability in fashion is a tricky concept, it is the sum of many different aspects. It starts with transparency and knowing where raw materials come from. “Greenwashing is such a big part of the fashion industry so blockchain is for us a very important part. As an example, only 15% of the wool production is mulesing free while 80% of the industry claims it. Authenticity & no empty statements are key for us. Facts. No marketing tricks” states Roos.

A sustainable brand starts with being fully transparent and knowing exactly where your products are coming from. 

She continues: “Next to this is making a durable product, biodegradable, setting up a circular economy and a repair service”

Rhea. Sustainable fashion 2022 Shopping Responsibly
Images by Rhea.

Roos confesses that she wishes she had known the actual costs of making a true sustainable product “Our wool we buy via blockchain, strictly audited on animal welfare and agriculture is more than 20% more expensive than ‘normal‘ wool”.

But costs are a minimal part of the challenge for the sustainable fashion industry…

The biggest challenge is to get an actually measurable framework in place 

“The main issues concern greenwashing and accountability; governments should really start holding companies responsible for their actions” she explains.

Renoon Rhea. Sustainable Fashion 2022 Shopping Responsibly Knitwear
Rhea. on the Renoon App

A big source of inspiration for me is Phoebe Philo…

“… I’d love to ask her how she created such a beautiful collection time after time… It’s challenging to pinpoint an item that should be in everyone’s closet, but I think a nice basic is essential. Like a Merino Crew in Grey/Black/Cream, it can be combined with everything. On the other hand, I really really wish we won’t see low rise jeans again anytime soon, they don’t flatter anyone, do they?” she jokes.

Rhea. is one of the brands that have joined Renoon. To discover more about its values and products, find their brand page and add it to your feed!

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