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How to find sustainable jeans?

How to find sustainable jeans?
By Elena Picci

How are you supposed to know if a pair of jeans is a sustainable choice? We have a 3-step guide for you.

It is probably the all-time-favourite item in everyone’s closet that can be worn on any occasion. Plus, you can always count on it to get the best shape ever for your bum – we can’t deny it.

They are always fashionable and you can never go wrong by wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

But how dirty are they?

Unfortunately, this iconic product is responsible for the most visible pollution caused by the textile industry.

If not chosen carefully your jeans could require 3482 liters of water to be manufactured. They could also release hazardous chemicals such as mercury and cadmium that pollute our freshwater.

Being the item that will never let us down, how about turning it from blue to green – figuratively?

Here below, a few tips on how to find sustainable jeans.

How to find sustainable jeans?

Find your perfect sustainable pair of jeans
#1: Check the material

Ho baby, baby, how was she supposed to know that something wasn’t right here?

Denim is made of cotton, which means it is possible to find organic cotton alternatives to ensure your jeans were manufactured with less water and no nasty pesticides.

So, rule #1: Go for 100% organic cotton

If you like stretch jeans that fit even after Christmas dinners, be careful of the listed materials.

Cotton is not stretch! Therefore, the jeans that look so comfortable contain synthetic materials such as elastane and you want to reduce that as much as possible. 

For the stretchy feeling, go for jeans with organic cotton & sustainable materials such as TENCEL™

Recently some brands are even releasing biodegradable jeans:
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Shop jeans mde of sustainable materials

How to find sustaina

Find your perfect sustainable pair of jeans
#2: Avoid nasty chemicals

There is a joke in China that says you can predict the ‘’it’’ colours of a fashion season by looking at the colour of the Pearl River at Xintang, the blue jeans capital of the world.

The Dyeing of denim is the most toxic step of the manufacturing process of denim.

If you are not sure on how it has been made, avoid vintage dye or distressed jeans. In fact, these looks are made through acid and washing treatments with toxic chemicals – equally bad for the environment and your health.

The best options would be to go for Indigo painted jeans and/or jeans that are treated without any chemicals.

The extra plus is that raw denim jeans will also show your personality over time as the habits such as a phone in a pocket will become apparent.

Find Indigo painted jeans

How to find sustainable jeans?

Find your perfect sustainable pair of jeans
#3: Make it last forever

On average we buy 4 pair of jeans per year. Is it really necessary?

With the correct care, denim could last a lifetime. There is a legend that says denim does not even need to be washed. However, sometimes it is a must. Therefore, to preserve your favourite pair of jeans, wash it inside out in cold water with few detergents and air dry it.

Do not be afraid to wear it if it is broken or to repair it. Make it unique with patches, sewing or embroidery.

Or if you are too lazy just shop a pair of Nudie jeans, the price includes free-repairs for life wherever and whenever you want 

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