How I broke the fashion cycle by buying vintage

How I broke the fashion cycle by buying vintage
By Gaia Rattazzi

What does vintage really mean and how to score the best pieces? Gaia from @ssustainably_ gives you her opinions and tips on how to find and style vintage as a response to the constant newness in the fashion cycle we are all very aware of by now.

The word vintage seems to be everywhere in the fashion world, yet it’s often inappropriately used. This is Gaia from @ssustainably_; here to give you tips on how to dupe the current fashion cycle of new trends and how I mix sustainability and style.

Following “not so new” trends

Breaking the fashion cycle by buying vintage

It seems like Fashion trends move on a treadmill that never stops – I used to ask myself how can designers come up with new styles at this speed until I realised that these styles are not really new after all. They might be pretty similar to what our grandparents used to wear, because trends are circular and they usually come back after a few decades (don’t feel like decluttering your wardrobe? Just tell yourself that your kids might love your unworn garments).

Considering this, to me buying vintage is the best way to shop while respecting my values. I can find clothes that fit my personal style, pieces that are trendy despite being made decades ago, quality garments whilst saving clothes from landfills… it’s a win win!

What’s the secret?

During the pandemic I took advantage of secondhand clothing apps and online vintage stores, like Ensō. To find out more about vintage garments they offer, I spoke to the owners who also gave me some tips on how to find the best pieces.

Breaking the fashion cycle by buying vintage

Ensō has a lot of variety. They stock mostly vintage pieces (garments that are more than 20 years old) but also preloved clothes, selected based on quality and uniqueness (they even have some designer pieces!).

The brand was born as a way to create positive impact through fashion and to make vintage more attractive, as it’s often stigmatised. Used clothes are often perceived as something smelly, dusty, old fashioned and definitely not stylish but Serendipity aims to change this by selling unique items powered by modern aesthetics and storytelling. It’s a totally different vibe and a way to show that preloved doesn’t have to be outdated.

Feeling the connection with a fashion item

Andrea and Liseth, the founders, believe that you have to feel a connection to the item – a connection that comes when you find a unique piece that fits your style and preferences.

They also recommend understanding which fitting looks best on you: if you suit tighter or more oversized, what silhouettes you feel most comfortable in, etc.

Checking your measurements is also key and I would add one more thing – always check the mens’ section! I personally love an oversized fit and whether it’s online or in a brick and mortar store, there are always some gems you can’t miss out on!

Breaking the fashion cycle by buying vintage

Ensō is a place where people can find true vintage clothes and discover a new way of shopping. There, you don’t feel overwhelmed with choices but you can find quality pieces that you can feel good about. Serendipity is just one example of brands that offer a completely different shopping experience. No more fear of missing out, no more chasing trends, but instead more intentional and well thought purchases you can treasure for a lifetime.

This is vintage to me, a new way of viewing clothes, not as frivolous purchases but as investment pieces. As Vivienne Westwood said “Let’s start buying less, choosing better and making things last” and why not start by showing Serendipity vintage some love?

Looking for vintage gems? Check out Renoon’s selection of vintage dresses & bags!

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