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How can the colour of your clothes be sustainable with We aRe SpinDye®

How can the colour of your clothes be sustainable with We aRe SpinDye®
By Renoon

Shopping responsibly and avoiding waste is the end goal of your sustainability journey. Add a spark: innovation from the industry you’ve never heard before to build your knowledge and library of solutions. This month’s discovery: We aRe SpinDye®.

Have your clothes ever faded or changed colour over the years? If so, chances are they were water dyed. This practice is problematic not only for the durability of your garment but also because it heavily contributes to fashion mass pollution… Considering this, we are here to involve you on the solutions available and how they could heavily impact us, the industry and everyone around fashion.  

In this “Spark of the month” series we are exploring new innovation, solutions to big problems, giving you a sneak peek on the back of the scenes. Knowing that your clothes have been created through new technology feels truly amazing.

Meet the Swedish company We aRe SpinDye® behind it. Specialized on turning the tide on water dyeing and consequently helping create more durable and more eco-friendly garments.

Spark of the month: the sustainability of your clothes' colour with We aRe SpinDye
We aRe SpinDye®

We aRe SpinDye®‘s mission

Normally, the dyeing process of clothing is done when the material is wet; the process can carry many damaging consequences for our planet. At We aRe SpinDye®, they have created a solution for achieving the same results, but with more positive impact and transparency. 

A large part of the global textile pollution can be attributed to dyeing, where 24% of a garment’s full life cycle climate impact is related to the process. The products used while dyeing our clothes discharge chemicals through polluted water, resulting in the death of aquatic life, the ruining of soils and contamination of our drinkable water ( 

Their innovative process comes into play at the fabric level for recycled polyester materials and it uses a smart way of dyeing. The result? 

75% less water, 90% less chemicals, and 30% less energy.

Spark of the month: the sustainability of your clothes' colour with We aRe SpinDye
We aRe SpinDye®

More facts and figures

The dyeing process of garments is especially concerning given that, of the total clothing market, 65% of all fibers are synthetic. To combat this, We aRe SpinDye® works to help the brands you buy from to abandon the harmful practice of water dyeing and encourage them to choose a modern, more sustainable method instead.

This is achieved by adding colour to the fibre when it is manufactured and not after. 

On top of the extreme reduction of water, chemicals, energy used, this process increases the garment’s durability by bettering its colour fastness as well as its ability to withstand sunlight.

These types of innovations are the start of a great change in the fashion industry, which you can also be a part of.

Spark of the month: the sustainability of your clothes' colour with We aRe SpinDye

Your new performance wear

On a more technical aspect, We aRe SpinDye® use 100% certified recycled polyester, other than having water use, Co2 and energy consumption accounted for, making it a new solution for your outerwear/performance items. 

To be up to date with this great innovation, you can use Renoon to identify the products that use We aRe SpinDye® – coming soon.

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