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Gucci did what? Introducing “sustainable” Demetra? Here are YOUR thoughts on it

Gucci did what? Introducing “sustainable” Demetra? Here are YOUR thoughts on it
By Maisie McDonald

This is the opinion you all voiced out this week about the new material and collection Gucci launched with big “sustainability” claims. Maisie from Renoon dives into the results and some questions we are asking.

On June 18th, Gucci’s first products made with Demetra were launched including three sneaker models – Gucci Basket, Gucci New Ace and Gucci Rhyton. The brand claims this material to be an “eco-textile” and “sustainably sourced”. We all ask: is the brand greenwashing us?

Gucci sustainable Demetra material collection: greenwashing
Gucci’s Demetra collection

Here’s what we know…

Demetra is a new innovative material that was made in-house by Gucci, claiming to be the next scalable eco-material on the market. We don’t know much about Demetra, besides that it is animal-free, as the brand hasn’t officially released any detailed information. 

Gucci sustainable Demetra material collection: greenwashing
Gucci’s website: product description missing composition percentages

However, there are lots of materials that are animal-free that aren’t great for the environment, such as polyester. The description of their Basketball shoes on the Gucci website states that they are, “crafted from animal-free raw materials that are primarily from sustainable, renewable, and bio-based sources with green rubber details.”

We noticed that they say PRIMARILY. This doesn’t give us any specific information on Demetra. The material could be made with anywhere from 51% to 99% of sustainable, renewable, and bio-based source. So we all ask, what’s the other 49-1% made of? It is also not clear what the brand means by “sustainable sources”. 

We are also missing information on the composition of the sneakers: how much of the shoe contains Demetra? What is the rest made of? Where were the sneakers made and who made them?

More than 80% of you say “I need more information”

We sent out a poll to see where your heads are at with the news of Demetra’s launch by Gucci. We asked: “Is Gucci greenwashing?”. Like we also are mentioning here, there is definitely more information to be provided by the brand in order to say if their claims are correct. As things stand we cannot say yet we are excited about this innovation, although having a major brand like Gucci coming up with something in this space is definitely a great step forward.

Let’s make these steps count.

Gucci did what? Introducing “sustainable” Demetra: here are YOUR thoughts on it
Your opinion on Demetra from Gucci

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