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From Recycled Cashmere to Compostable Clothing

From Recycled Cashmere to Compostable Clothing
By Jennifer Dobrowolski

From luxury brand NAKED CASHMERE recent launch CASHMERE REBORN to rethink the runway show

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Naked Cashmere Just Launched Its First-Ever Recycled Cashmere Collection For Women

Luxury direct-to-consumer brand NAKED CASHMERE just recently launched CASHMERE REBORN for Spring 2020, the company’s first-ever recycled collection for women that continues the brand’s sustainability efforts.

From Recycled Cashmere to Compostable Clothing

Constructed from post-consumer yarn that’s sorted by fiber length, shredded, and then re-spun back into 100% cashmere yarn, this recycled collection allows consumers to wear cashmere with significantly less impact on the environment.Learn more at ->.

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Is It Possible To Create a Sustainable Fashion Week?

As we find ourselves in the middle of a climate crisis, it seems that fashion needs to rethink the runway show. But can the industry’s tradition transform into a greener alternative?

From Recycled Cashmere to Compostable Clothing

 Helsinki Fashion Week’s event space, courtesy of Maika HolmaFashion Week, or Fashion Month rather, is unsustainable by nature. Think about it, the industry’s most important people fly to multiple cities all over the world, leaving a sizeable carbon footprint. Countless cars drive influencers, journalists, stylists, and buyers from event to event to help manage busy show schedules. There’s the environmental impact of show production; the sets and props that are created then thrown away, the invitations and show notes that are discarded, as well as the huge amount of electricity used for lighting. All this for a show that lasts just a matter of minutes.

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Meet the Sisters Behind the Sustainable Australian Label Creating Compostable Clothing

“Sustainability is the reason we started Folktribe, so it is the single most important aspect of our label,” co-founder Emma Sommerville – who stepped back from her studies in architecture to go into business with her sister, Kellie – tells Vogue of the motivation behind her decision to launch their brand, Folktribe.

From Recycled Cashmere to Compostable Clothing

The design duo launched the sustainable Australian label, which is best known for creating chic yet compostable clothing, in an effort to provide conscious consumers with clothing that does not contribute to the damaging effects that fast fashion has had on the environment.  

Committed to raising awareness of this negative impact, the pair are doing their best to demonstrate the effectiveness of the numerous sustainable practices they have in place at Folktribe. “We use rainwater and solar power for any washing, dyeing or sewing throughout our process,” shares Kellie.

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Cover images: Barcroft Media Getty Images via Harper’s Bazaar, Folktribe

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