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From fashion revivals to misinformation uncovered

Shoes may not be able to talk, but they have a way of saying a lot about a person.

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This 40-Year-Old Shoe Is On The Brink Of A Major Revival

Shoes may not be able to talk, but they have a way of saying a lot about a person.

In a digital age where our wardrobes have morphed into uniform derivatives of what we’re constantly being force-fed online, a collective craving for this Fluevog-ian kind of originality is starting to emerge […]

[…] If there’s one trend wave Fluevog has been riding long before it was cool, it’s the sustainability one — another part of its brand DNA that’ll attract a new breed of fans. As consumers become increasingly aware of their role within a larger ecosystem that needs both improving and protecting, they’ll rely on brands like Fluevog to help them make better choices  […]

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Fashion has a misinformation problem. That’s bad for the environment.

Questionable facts plague the conversation around sustainability and fashion, and that makes the industry harder to regulate.

Whenever a fashion brand makes a commitment to offset its carbon emissions, it needs to explain why it matters. Whenever a journalist like me writes a story about, say, activists protesting London Fashion Week, I also need to tell you why you should care  […]

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Sustainable Ways Stars Could Tackle The BAFTAs Red Carpet

As the BAFTAs encourages celebrities to dress consciously this year, we look at why awards season is actually the perfect eco-platform for vintage and sustainable fashion.

Now, BAFTA has given all guests attending the awards a sustainable fashion guide, created by the London College of Fashion, as part of its wider sustainability efforts – which include making the ceremony carbon neutral […]

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Nordstrom Launches Sustainable Secondhand “See You Tomorrow” Reselling Initiative

Spotlighting brands such as adidas, Off-White™ and Burberry from January 31.

Nordstrom is launching a new sustainable initiative dubbed “See You Tomorrow” in which it will sell secondhand luxury clothes online and at its New York flagship store, as reported by The Business of Fashion  […]

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‘’Fashion this fast can never and will never be sustainable‘’ says Venetia La Manna

The Scandinavian fashion giants will be the first retailer to sell garments made from the material, which is produced by Swedish company Re:newcell

[…] However, the move has been criticised by anti-fast fashion campaigner, Venetia La Manna, who tells The Independent that it is another example of H&M “greenwashing” its consumers  […]

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