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Faux Fur and a sought after Corset

New year, new you. But especially new hopes. From purely educational articles to vintage trends, here is what you might have missed these past few…

New year, new you. But especially new hopes. 
From purely educational articles to vintage trends, here is what you might have missed these past few weeks on the topic of sustainable fashion.

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4 reasons to be hopeful about the notoriously wasteful fashion industry in 2020

And how you the consumer can drive change.

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“I’m not being dramatic when I say that the fashion industry is contributing to our planet’s demise. It’s hard to imagine how a sock or a T-shirt could be partly responsible for climate change, but I assure you, it is. 

Over the past few years, research has quantified exactly how bad the problem is. The fashion sector accounts for more than  […] “

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The Future of Fashion Is Circular: Why the 2020s Will Be About Making New Clothes Out of Old Ones

The key word for Vogue’s January 2020 issue is values.

[Source Images: Vogue]

We have to change the way money is invested and spent; we have to shop with brands whose values reflect our own; and we have to change the way we assign value to what we buy and wear […] If your T-shirt costs less than your Starbucks latte, you probably won’t think twice about throwing it out when it rips. Value isn’t just about price […]

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We Are Turning Away From Real Fur, but Faux Fur Is Not a Perfect Fashion Fix

From pom-poms on knitted hats to “teddy bear” coats, fur—real and faux—is coming out of hibernation as temperatures drop. 

[Source Images: Daniel Dal Zennaro/EPA, via Shutterstock]

Fake fur may be the preferred fashion choice of the moment, but neither fake nor real fur are ideal, says Linda Greer, a textile expert with a Ph.D. in toxicology. In real fur, chromium which is bad for both humans and the environment, is used […]

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How to Decipher “Sustainable Fashion” in 2020

Does it mean local production, emerging designers, rented clothes, organic cotton, or clothing made from recycled bottles?

[Source Images: ERIN LUX]

[…]  We’re told to recycle (only to be told that it’s useless because much of that is going to landfill, anyway), vote when the time comes, use public transport when we can, and shop “sustainably”.

But when it comes to fashion sustainability […]

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The Most Popular Vintage Piece of 2019 Was Extremely Rare—And Extremely Unmistakable

There was no shortage of celebrities reviving archival fashion in 2019.

[Source Images: Splash News]

But there was one item in particular that never stopped infiltrating our feeds: Vivenne Westwood corsets. The amount of women wearing the vintage body-cinching pieces numbered in the dozens, and even marked a new chapter for  […]

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